Video: Behind-The-Scenes Of Gwen’s Elle UK Shoot

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Gwen reveals that she hasn’t done a photo shoot in a really long time, so she found posing awkward for her. She’s worked with the photographers before and it was her first time working with her stylist in awhile as well. She said her and Andrea got a little emotional about the “good old days” and found the shoot to be a good day. Gwen says that her style is always evolving, and has been since she was little. It comes from an organic place, and doesn’t put a lot into it, it just sort of happens. She loves dressing up and getting ready to go out, but once she does, she wants to go home — how cute is that? Gwen doesn’t have a favorite brand of makeup, and likes to switch it up. Her inspiration comes from everywhere, and finds it strange how it can quickly turn from fashion to music, which she is focusing in on right now with No Doubt. It all comes from the same place within her. She always feels to fortunate to work with people, and always questions herself how she got here (we love that she’s so humble, we’ve always admired her for that!)

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