Video: Behind The Scenes At Gwen's Elle Cover Shoot

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I went ahead and ripped and uploaded Elle’s exclusive behind the scenes video of her cover shoot for the July music issue — on sale July 15th. She looks amazing and so many of those shots could have easily made the cover!

0 Replies to “Video: Behind The Scenes At Gwen's Elle Cover Shoot”

  1. I love the cover shot choice, I am glad she wore that LV outfit before Madonna in the 2009winter ads

  2. The cover itself remains me the teen vogue cover look, the red stripes blouse and print pants. I bet LV got inspired from G and her sense of fashion on mixing textures…

    I love the current/elliot jeans pics, they look like 80s jeans ads…love Gwen’s actitude and the urban setting…then, I agree that any pic with the Marc Jacobs hot mini dress and boots could have been the cover, so sassy! The Rodarte Knit dress she wears inside the car is very edgy.

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