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Check out an interview with Adrian from 2012 where were able to visit him in his home to discuss his origins with the band and what’s next for No Doubt.

Adrian talks about his first drum set, the bands he looked up to while growing up, including Deep Purple and The Police. Adrian got the call in 1989 to audition for No Doubt and practiced nonstop to the band’s demo tape at the time.

Adrian tells the story of the band first hearing “Just a Girl” on the radio in Salt Lake City. Tony was on a pay phone across the street from the motel the band was staying in and yelled for everyone to come out and listen.

After No Doubt’s Singles tour in 2004, they all decided to take a break to focus on family. Adrian says that the band was “burnt out”. Adrian took the time to focus on his other passion: playing golf competitively. He goes on to say how everyone was doing their own thing and how Gwen’s (solo) records became very popular at that time. He says how everyone seemed to have the perception how Gwen was doing her own thing and how the boys were doing nothing, which obviously wasn’t true. “I think her success only helps us”.

Adrian shows off his traditional English pub that he built in his house. He says that him and Nina have lived in their house for 14 years.

Havoc recently met up with No Doubt drummer Adrian Young to find out a little more about the man behind the kit. Adrian is one of those classic ‘great guys who everyone likes.’ A consummate performer, a winning smile, and impeccable fashion sense. What’s not to like? He was nice enough to let us into his busy home life to meet his family and hang out in his basement drum room where he talked about what it was like to be the drummer for No Doubt for the last two decades. We then followed him over to the driving range where he showed off his celebrity golf swing impersonation skills. The man does a mean Charles Barkley. Next, we gamely tried to keep up with him on a jog with his baby stroller, and finished it up with a tour of his Olde English bar. Final summation: It’s good to be Adrian Young. The new No Doubt album kicks ass, so make sure to check out Adrian and crew next time they come through your town.

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