Video: Gwen’s L’Oreal Commercial Debut HD

We told you we would have it! Here it is! Gwen looks absolutley STUNNING! We have no words! Congratulations again to Gwen on being the new L’Oréal spokesperson! We cannot wait to see her on TV all the time and her ads to start showing up everywhere! She deserves all of it! We love you, Gwen!

By the way, she’s wearing the lip color shade “Blazing Sangria”.

11 Replies to “Video: Gwen’s L’Oreal Commercial Debut HD”

  1. i dont know but where is the photos from “L” …….
    it was just to promote …… or will we see another video gwen in L

  2. The lip shots are very erotic and she looks great. However the music was just blah. Took me to solo Gwen and my hearts just not in that anymore. I am sure No Doubt music could have been awesome with the same footage.

    1. Yeah, I agree about “Hollaback Girl”. I still love and appreciate that era, but I was put off that they chose it for the commercial. I’m thinking it was just L’Oreal’s way of reminding those who were not familiar with her, who she was.

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