“Used To Love You” Debuts on the Billboard Charts

Photo courtesy of Christopher Polk/Getty
Photo courtesy of Christopher Polk/Getty

After it’s release on October 19, Gwen’s new single “Used To Love You” has made it’s debut on the Billboard charts.

The single made it’s debut on the Hot 100 at #84 this week after coming in at #3 previously on the Bubbling Under the Hot 100 chart. “Used To Love You” came in at #40 on Billboard‘s Pop Songs and peaked at #26 on the US Digital Songs chart. We think these are pretty impressive mostly due to the promotion being pushed mostly by social media last week. “Used To Love You” is starting to make a big impact on radio and we could see the song ranking even higher in the next couple of weeks.

Internationally, “Used To Love You” came in at #20 on Canada’s Digital Songs and #57 on Canadian Hot 100.

We want to give Gwen a huge congratulations on the unexpected success of the single, which she deserves so much. It’s been so incredible to see her so open and honest with us and herself and it’s great to see everyone is digging it! We know she’s expressed how she released the song more for herself than for the chart success… but we’re truly excited for her!

6 Replies to ““Used To Love You” Debuts on the Billboard Charts”

  1. Not so great..I guess releasing it before Friday hurt the chart position quite a bit. I figure it would probably make top 50 otherwise

  2. It’s amazing actually! Her core fanbase bought the song on the first week, so whoever bought the song after made a huge impact.

  3. Guys I know we bought the song but…

    I do it everyday at least once, I’ve become quite OCD about it lol

  4. Sadly, I think nowadays it’s all about the streams. To be honest I feel kinda sick for playing the song for the 1000th time on spotify or youtube. I’d rather enjoy my moment and the song and forget about charts for a sec. I think the song it doing great, and to be honest I expect it to do even better after The Voice performance.

    1. Of course you don’t have to force yourself. Whenever I feel like listening to the song, I choose to stream it instead of listening on itunes, just that. 🙂

  5. It is selling well just didn’t debut so high due to the awkward release with the chart scheduling..like even BDL debuted in the top 50

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