US Radio Premiere of “Used To Love You”; High-Quality Stream Available


Play IGA (Interscope) has added a full high-quality stream of “Used To Love You” to it’s Top 40 playlist for fans to check out. It sounds beautiful and we think Gwen may have a big hit! We’re hoping the single is released soon so fans are able to purchase and support.

Yes! Radio stations all across the nation are premiering “Used To Love You” this morning on-air and listeners are loving it. Although a release date hasn’t been officially announced or confirmed, it seems that Interscope is moving the ball and sent the single to stations to play.

Gwen shared a couple of cute clips of her in the car listening in to Ryan Seacrest while he premiered “Used To Love You” on the radio!

Gwen debuted the song live during her New York show this weekend exclusively for MasterCard holders. Critics, fans and listeners fell instantly in love with the song and we’re so happy its making an impact so soon!

Rumors are also going around that the “Used To Love You” video may be premiering tonight (Monday, October 19) at midnight and will feature the video footage used behind Gwen during her live performance in New York.

12 Replies to “US Radio Premiere of “Used To Love You”; High-Quality Stream Available”

  1. I really like the song. But when I first listened to the song in the link, I thought it was sloweda bit, but I think it’s actually the effect in her voice 🙁 And the instrumental sounded better in the live version.

  2. I’m simply in love with this song. That’s why I love her so much, for years now, seems like she always put out lyrics that mean something to me at the time they are released. Not disappointed at all!!!!

  3. Wow! This song sounds even more amazing than I thought it would! This is really her heart poured out into a song. I’ve been waiting for something like this from her. I think her creative juices are really going and is making me so anxiousb to hear what else she has up her sleeves. <3

  4. Okay THIS is what I wanted from Gwen ever since the announcement of BDL. This is amazing, so in love with it!! I think it’s gonna be a big hit. I think it’s a great compromise between fitting in with the music of “today” while still maintaining her signature style.

  5. I’m so glad they were wise enough to put this out now while it has such a big buzz. I even heard about it on the radio where I am and I’m in central NY. It’s getting such a good response!

  6. I listened to the HQ version, I also wish there wasn’t so much autotune. I thought the live version sounded better but either way its a good song.

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