Urban Decay Announce The Ultraviolet Edge with Gwen (Updated)


Check out a nice video of Gwen praising UD for their efforts and how excited she is to be a part of the campaign.

Gwen was in support and attendance for makeup band Urban Decay’s announcement this afternoon of The Ultraviolet Edge, the brand’s new “global initiative to empower women”.

Urban Decay have partnered with Gwen as their first on a list of women that “rock their world”. According to Yahoo, Gwen met co-founder Wende during the early days of No Doubt and they admire her for her “innate ability to set trends and defy expectations” and shares UD’s “passion for empowering women and will help give this initiative the attention it deserves.” Though Gwen is featured on the main website and the debut face of the campaign, it’s still unclear if she’ll be participating in additional events and/or collaborating on products with UD. InStyle shared that “instead of calling attention to the product as most would in a traditional release, [Gwen] will increase awareness for the cause, and encourage fans to make a change in the world.”

For more on The Ultraviolet Edge and how to get your hands on the new limited edition Enigma Eyeshadow Primer Potion before it sells out, check out Yahoo.

Photo courtesy of PR Newswire and Urban Decay.

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