Maybelline New York And Essie Cosmetics Collaborating With L.A.M.B. For Presentation

So we mentioned this a little yesterday, but not only has Essie Cosmetics been confirmed to be working on the L.A.M.B. presentation, but it seems as if Maybelline New York will also be present for the show (they will also be sharing backstage photos and stories on their Tumblr through out the week as well). We are a little surprised we haven’t heard anything about L’Oreal… We are super stoked for the fashion presentation this weekend, but it looks like we are losing hope that Gwen will actually be there since she was spotted in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon, we would assume she would have been there by now, but we do understand if she’s not able to make it. But not going to lie, I will be a little bummed…

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