Update: Gwen’s amfAR Dress Designed By Michael Angel

So, this story is everywhere now online. We still don’t know what to make of it, and they are missing the point is that raised over $125,000 for charity. I honestly think it’s a misundertsanding, and I doubt Gwen had control how the dress was “billed”. The quote that everyone is taking her words from is from the new L’Oreal video showing behind-the-scenes of her getting ready for the amfAR Gala, and it seems like it was taken out of context. Apparently Radar Online reached out to both reps for Gwen and Michael Angel and no one will comment on the story. I think the credibility might stop there.

Radar Online — No doubt Gwen Stefani is in haute water!

The gorgeous rock star is in the middle of a couture crisis. The gown she wore to last week’s amfAR gala at Cannes and then auctioned off for charity is in the middle of a high fashion he said-she said.

The lacy black dress she wore on a L’Oreal photo shoot earlier in the day went for $125,000 at the amfAR ball, and was billed as “a creation of her own, by L.A.M.B.” But now Michael Angel has stepped forward to claim ownership.

Angel, who has worked with both Gwen and L’Oreal before, was credited as a “stylist “ on the L’Oreal shoot but New York magazine reported that he is the one who designed the dress, not Gwen.

The dress has lacework around that neck that is from Angel’s fall 2010 collection.

A source close to Angel told RadarOnline.com that he is “upset” over the mis-credit because “he designed the dress specifically for Gwen.”

Michael Angel’s office had no comment when reached and Gwen Stefani’s rep has not returned the request for comment.

Hmm… this is kind of interesting. So it’s been revealed that Gwen’s already famous black lace dress worn and auctioned off at the amfAR Gala this last weekend was not L.A.M.B., but a design by Michael Angel. This article is also claiming that Gwen was going around taking the credit for the design… It’s good to know I guess where the dress originated from, but it’s kind of a weird story.

NY Mag — As part of the auction at this year’s amfAR Gala in Cannes, Gwen Stefani put her evening’s attire — a lacy black dress that she’d also worn earlier in the day for a L’Oreal photo shoot — up for auction, raising over $125,000. The gown was billed as “a creation of her own, by L.A.M.B.,” but Michael Angel’s studio is now saying that he custom-designed the dress for Gwen, complete with lacework from his fall 2010 collection.

A rep explained on the phone today that Angel has worked with both Gwen and L’Oreal before, but was wrongfully credited as a stylist while Gwen took the credit for the design, stating: “In choosing [a dress for amfAR], we just said, ‘Let’s make one,’ which is a whole other job in itself.” Well yes, a whole other job indeed. For somebody else, perhaps.

And Gwen was also quoted on NY Mag of being excited about having her photos taken in Cannes.

Gwen Stefani, meanwhile, could be seen on the steps of the entrance demonstrating to friends the elaborate bath-taking technique she had to employ in order to avoid reapplying makeup after a day of press and still make it to the event in time. When a photographer asked if he could take her picture with the manicured French garden in the background, she replied, “Hell yeah, I didn’t put in all this effort for nothing.”

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  1. I didn’t like the tone of that NY Mag article,or the apparant attempt to discredit Gwen-you would think Michael Angel was aware at some point that his collaboration with her for the amfAR gala would be labeled a L.A.M.B. creation,especially since he claimed he worked with Gwen before.And why did he wait until today to release a statement? The most important thing is that the gown raised a LOT of money for a life-saving cause,thanks in no small part to Gwen’s star power.

  2. I agree, Rosie. It just seems really fishy and I highly doubt she would take the credit if what the story says is true. It’s really disappointing to see stories like this though.

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