Update: Gwen Appearing On Janelle Monae Release?

Thanks so much to Ryan for sending in an update exclusively to us, but remember shortly after the tour wrapped, there was a rumor going around that Gwen was going to appear on opener Janella Monae’s upcoming album. Well… turns out it was going to happen, but fell through. Ryan approached one of Janelle’s managers and asked them about the project, and said that it was in the works, but they just couldn’t settle on a song. The option hasn’t been thrown completely out, but nothing is scheduled as of now for anything else.

I was at an after party for the last Janelle Monae show in New York this past weekend, and I was talking to Nate, who works for Wondaland (Janelle’s recording label). He said that they were honored to be asked to join No Doubt on the road and were all shocked. “Wait, that Gwen?” was their reaction! He couldn’t say enough nice things about them, and when I asked him about Gwen appearing on a Janelle song, he said that it didn’t happen for this upcoming album (The ArchAndroid comes out May 18) because they couldn’t find the right song for her. He did say that both of them are definitely still open to it though.

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