“Misery” Available Now!

It’s here! Ahead of Gwen’s new album release next Friday, “Misery”, the first track on This Is What the Truth Feels Like, is now available on digital retailers as well as streaming services (i.e. Spotify). Fans that have pre-ordered the album digitally should receive the song as an instant download today.

Photo courtesy of Interscope
Photo courtesy of Interscope

“Misery” was produced by Mattman & Robin (the same team behind “Make Me Like You”) and was co-written with Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels, Mattias Larsson and Robin Fredriksson. Even though “Misery” hasn’t been confirmed as a single, Gwen has mentioned the song as a definite contender and we could see “Misery” doing well on pop and AC radio. The song sounds like a page right out of Gwen’s diary about her new found love and yearning to be near him. “Misery”‘s production is incredible, her vocals sound incredible, and we’re loving the synth-and-bass driven track that brings us back to her L.A.M.B. days but sounds newly modern and fresh.

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“Misery” lyrics

Where’d you go?
I got so used to being ’round you boy
I’m trying not to care but,
Where’d you go?
I’m doing my best to be sensible
I’m trying not to care but…

You’re like drugs, you’re like drugs to me
I’m so into you totally
You’re like drugs, you’re like drugs to me
Drugs to me…

So, put me out of my misery,
Hurry up, come see me,
Put me out of my misery,
Hurry up, come see me,
Enough, enough of this suffering,
Hurry up, come see me
Put me out of my misery
Put me out of my misery

At the door,
I’m thinking things I’ve never thought before
Like what your love would taste like
Give me more,
Don’t sell this feeling at the grocery store
Oh, cause your love it tastes like…

You’re like drugs, you’re like drugs to me
I’m so into you totally
You’re like drugs, you’re like drugs to me
Drugs to me…

So, put me out of my misery,
Hurry up, come see me,
Put me out of my misery,
Hurry up, come see me,
Enough, enough of this suffering,
Hurry up, come see me,
Put me out of my misery
Put me out of my misery

Put me out — out, out of my misery
Put me out — out, out of my misery

You’re in so much trouble (you better watch out)
Yeah, you’re in so much trouble (you better watch out)
You’re in so much trouble (you better watch out)
Yeah, you’re in so much trouble

So, put me out of my misery,
Hurry up, come see me,
Put me out of my misery,
Hurry up, come see me,
Enough, enough of this suffering,
Hurry up, come see me,
Put me out of my misery
Put me out of my misery


What do you think of “Misery”?

178 Replies to ““Misery” Available Now!”

  1. I thought Ellen’s audience got a copy of her new album. I’m really shocked it hasn’t leaked yet

  2. Stunning artwork for Misery! Love it! Can’t wait to hear it. Some people are saying it’s a bit tribal sounding…

  3. Don’t know how I feel about soe of the lyrics haha. “Send Me A Picture” sounds like a 13 year old wrote it. But I wont judge until I hear the music! 😉

          1. THANK YOU! <3 I really am liking the previews!! Really surprised that most of the album seems to sound quite urban considering none of the singles did. Some tracks that stuck out:
            "Truth" sounds really sweet and I could see it being one of my faves. "Red Flag" sounds a lot different than I was expecting sounds like a total attitude song. "Naughty" sounds like it has the potential to be a really cooky gwen song like "Don't Get It Twisted". I really like the vibe and instrumental of "Send Me A Picture". Absolutely loved the first half of "Getting Warmer" it sounded so beautiful then went into the dance break so not sure how that will turn out. "Obsessed" verses reminds me of Candyland.

            Wasn't feeling "You're My Favorite" "Rocket Ship" or "Where Would I Be" but I realize its only 10 seconds of the song so that could easily change.

    1. I think it was going to be — but I think this Target ad thing at the Grammy’s was planned long in advance and I don’t think her saying “you’re like drugs” a hundred times would send the most wholesome message to the Target clientele.

  4. OMFG!!! Is this real?????? MISERY IS EVERYTHING, I’m having seizures here….
    Gwen, you’re like drugs to me.

  5. So has Misery been released now? I didn’t realize I couldn’t buy it as a single. Only pre-orderers get it 🙁

    1. Someone posted that it was up on Spotify, but it was there, with no stream available. I think it leaked… so by early next week the whole thing will be available.

      Sorry guys, still not feeling the new songs, they are too pop for me, and I’m getting Katy Perry vibes from Misery, it’s good pop song, but just not my thing. Hopefully when I hear it the while thing.

      1. Cynthia, it sounds nothing like Katy Perry, that’s offensive. There’s no need to pigeonhole pop music like that. This couldn’t sound more Gwen, she’s being really careful this time around to get her own sound.

        1. Not sure why it’s offensice, as far as I know Katy Perry is a very successful and liked artist that sells tons, I just said that to me the song sounded similar to one of her songs.
          I have stated many times before that I’m not into pop artists (current ones…), and Gwen’s new solo sounds a lot like current music being played around the radio, did not say her sound was crappy or else, just that is a current pop song, thus reminding me of another pop singer songs. Geez.

          Then again… it’s my opinion.

          1. This is actually closer to No Doubt’s sound than half of the Push and Shove record. Open your mind to it 🙂

    2. Are you from the US? If so, it will only be available at midnight for you. It leaked cause in some countries it’s already Friday.

  6. Hi all – First impressions of “Misery” here… I’m a US-based Brit, but currently am back in the UK for an evening football (soccer) match. Was able to buy and download the new single to my phone on iTunes (UK account, not US) and have been listening to it on repeat for the last 15 mins or so. From what I’ve been able to hear over the considerable din of the crowd, I’m absolutely LOVING this song, and I really think it’s the BEST of three good to excellent lead-in singles. At this moment, I cannot for the life of me imagine a better or more epic opener for the album. This is a mid-tempo ALTERNATIVE synth-pop ANTHEM. ( Btw, I’m NOT getting any Katy Perry vibes whatsoever, LOL! So please for the love of God banish such thoughts! 🙂 I’m actually getting FLORENCE & THE MACHINE vibes (the sparse-ish “tribal” synth beat is reminiscent of “Shake It Out”) and some healthy hints of 80’s Cocteau Twins and maybe 90’s St. Etienne. It’s the most modern sounding of the singles, and if this makes any sense, it’s also the most 80’s sounding in the best possible way (especially around after the 2 min mark). There’s a dropout at the 2-min mark, and the repeating refrain/harmonies there – “you’re in so much trouble/(you better watch out)” – is/are so freakin’ gorgeous. We lost the match, by the way, which ended as I typed this, but I know for a change I’m going to smiling my out of the inevitable traffic jam, because I’m so going to be blasting this song in the car! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your impressions… totally nailed it. Alternative synth-pop anthem sums it up pretty nicely. The distorted base-line is awesome and when the first chorus hits, it’s just epic. Everything I wanted from Gwen and more!

      1. Thanks. Ed (and all else who responded to my post). Yeah, the game was a bummer, but it’s okay. It was one of those home-and-away ties, where although we lost the away game today, we still have a chance to overturn the deficit at home next week. Still, I’ll tell you one thing about the song though — I know it’s supposed to be a happy song and what not, but that chorus of “Put me out of my misery / Hurry up, come save me / Enough, enough of this suffering” (that’s how it goes, right?) is bloody perfect for singing out really LOUD to when you’re kind of bummed out, frustrated, or just wallowing in abject defeat! ^^ And yes, we were doing our own version of carpool karaoke to this song on our ride back. 🙂 We were even joking that perhaps we’d rejig the chorus as a terrace chant, and submit that to the singing section for the next match, to be sung when the team is playing poorly (again), haha! Now having spent more time with the song, have a few more thoughts to add to my initial impressions which I’ll get to maybe tomorrow (if I can remember them :p). Right now a few pints too many at the local pub means I’ll first need to rest and refresh the addled brain. Cheers!

    2. Cocteau Twins? Well, now that you pointed it out… there’s a distorded sound that reminds me some CT songs in the last minute.

      1. But I don’t know if it’s just pure coincidence. Gwen has been listening 80s darkwave bands lately? lol. That would be cool. ; )

    3. Ouch, that last sentence, LOL — I’ll have you all know my mates were ready to leave the place, and I had finish up the post in a jiffy! Just to clarify, it should read: “…but I know for a change I’m going to be* smiling my way* out of the inevitable traffic jam, because I’m so going to be blasting this song in the car!” — Oh, and I was and did!

  7. To be fair this is pure Gwen! I’m glad she’s found her identity again instead of following trends such as BDL.

  8. The snippets sounds good to me, I’m surprised with the RnB-ish sound that they have. Can’t wait to hear the full thing. Some of the songs reminds me of the other songs from The Sweet Escape.

  9. Literally every song sounds like a hit they are all amazing and i cannot wait to hear them in their entirety!!!! Im crying waiting for them!!!!

  10. Omg Echoustic your initial review has increased my anticipation. Time is going sloooow and I can’t wait to hear Misery (and the whole album for that matter). Come on Pacific Time, get moving!

  11. ^i caught that vibe too but I think it still feels appropriate for Gwen. The quality of this song matches 4ITM and Cool I feel. I have it on repeat on Spotify with the volume off to help with her streams Haha

  12. Wow! I’m so happy with this, It’s so catchy as well… I have it on repeat!!!
    These songs keep getting better and I am so excited for this whole album!

  13. Peeps & Fellow Weirdos -The official LYRIC video is up (as of a few hours ago) on YouTube/Gwen’s VEVO, and it’s effing BRILLIANT! Pure genius! p.s. – Reminder: Don’t just repeat (loop) the video as it’ll only count a one view 🙁 and that will NOT help Gwen’s streaming tally. Those of you who already have Gwen playlists, just add the vid to said playlist. The rest of you, go make a YouTube playlist with at least two vids (e.g. Misery + MMLY) and put that playlist on repeat play. Thanks!

  14. This song is not radio friendly at all. Make Me Like You hasn’t even been played in Miami/Tampa…Not a good sign for the new music. All of her music after Push/Shove has been so repetitive and does not have any depth. Like she says, “You’re in so much trouble…”

    Just my opinion, as I’m entitled to…

    For her sake, I do hope I am wrong.

    1. I agree, most her new lyrics are so repetitive, it annoys me a little. But after a while, Misery was the 1st one I actually liked and been listening too. I heard the snippets posted yesterday and I’m still unsure, but I will give it a try 🙂

      1. Nothing like Rihanna’s work work work work work. Work work. That everyone is going crazy for. Now that is annoyingly repetitive.
        Zayn Malic’s It’s You is repetitive but in a beautiful way.
        I really like all three of Gwen’s new songs. She is being slammed because her lyrics are not complicated but look at the top 50 iTunes and most songs are surface and not deep.

    2. I am enjoying the new songs, but I agree that the lyrics are not on par with her previous work and the second half of the songs are repetitive. However, I still think it will be a solid, fun album. From the little I’ve heard, it seems that every song could be a potential single. We will finally have it in ONE WEEK guys! 😀

  15. For anyone that pre-ordered the digital version from GwenStefani.com, did you receive a download file yet for “Misery”? Or do you have to get it by logging into the site? I haven’t received anything yet so was curious if others had.

  16. I LOVE it! I am so excited for Gwen’s album! It’s modern, but feels very Gwen. Can’t believe it is out next week. Can I go into a Target store and buy the album with the extra songs? Or are the bonus tracks only available with a pre-order of the album?

    1. Yes you can get it at Target, I plan to. Wasn’t there 4 extra tunes on a Pre- order?
      I wonder if Target will have it out on Thursday nite before closing?

  17. I totally love Misery, the instrumentals are great and the vocals sound so rich- definitely getting Florence & the machine vibes as well!

    Also I can totally relate to the theme now that I’m in a long distance relationship.. Screaming along to the chorus lol

  18. To me all of the singles are a solid 4/5. I have liked all 3 and I’m having a hard time picking my favorite one!

    1. I love UTLY for different reasons. It’s a great song. One of her best of the best. But I’m so in love with Misery at the moment. Misery> Used to Love You > Make Me Like You

  19. Oh wow some of the songs gwen did with charli xcx leaked! Warning its poor quality but listen before it gets taken down! They sound so 80s and I personally really like “Hard 2 Love”. Supposedly “Reflection” was written for Selena, I don’t remember Gwen mentioning that song so likely true.

    1. I would pay some serious money to get my hands on a recording of Start a War. I really wish it would leak.

    1. And “Hard 2 Love” sounds like a bad rip off of “Time After Time”. That songs sound like Gwen trying to sound like her old self through another different artist.

  20. Omg, Hard 2 Love is good, I love those 80’s inspired songs, mostly when it’s Gwen. But idk what to say about Hell Yeah Baby, I had mixed thoughts about it, sounds good but also sound awful.

  21. I can see why she moved away from that material…. Gwen sounds good on those tracks…but…it’s not really her style. She’s not 25 anymore and those writers were not right for her.

    1. Exactly! Her new stuff is definitely more grown-up Pop! So much better. Wouldn’t mind to have Hard 2 Love in HQ on my iPod though. Hell Yeah Baby sounds awful!

    2. Agreed! Her voice is great on those, but they sound so empty, glad she opted for move away from ALL the tracks written for her, no matter who wrote it.

  22. I don’t think those Charli songs are bad, but I guess I understand why Gwen didn’t feel comfortable with them. They try too hard to repeat the past and they sound really dated. It already didn’t work with STF.

    1. Wooooohooooo! Such good news, and massive promo! Would have liked Gwen to host (she would be funny and adorable, as ever), but Peter Dinklage!!! Can’t complain! Huge GoT fan here, and I can tell you you this will get a lot of eyeballs for sure!

  23. It will be a fun watch. Peter Dinklage is so funny. And many people will be watching cause of him. Great promo! I hope she performs 2 songs.

  24. During the NPR interview they played a long clip of Me Without You. OMG! I think it has potential to become a favourite like Cool, 4AM or Early Winter. It kind of gives me Garbage vibes, I think… especially the verses. Loving it already!

    1. Not feeling “Me Without You”. I think it sounds very 90s (and modern at the same time) and sounds like a Britney song (that’s cool) but I don’t know… It’s just.. Meh.. Haha.

      1. Yeah, it sounds like a 90’s pop song. Pop songs used to have hip hop influences by that time. I personally loved “Me Without You”, it’s really interesting that it sounds that way. I heard ppl commenting that the new Meghan Trainor’s song has the same 90’s pop/hip hop vibe. Maybe it’s a new trend?

  25. Gotta say…totally obsessed with this song at this point. It’s so simple, but so catchy!! Definitely should have been the 2nd single, but maybe it will be the 3rd.

    1. Yay!!! I hope our Japanese counterparts are not too polite about recording the show and posting clips all over YouTube! Then again, I’m sure at least a few super fans have made the trip… The soundscape of the song and the vocals/harmonies is/are very layered, so it’ll be interesting to see how this pans out live. I suppose until she deploys a proper background singing section, a backing track will come into play. I know the track didn’t make the cut for album, but I honestly wouldn’t mind hearing her sing “Start a War” live at least one more time (unlikely as that is). Also wouldn’t mind hearing “Me Without You” live, since I’ve a particular soft spot for her balladry. :p

    1. Both I and Amanda G commentd on a different topic about that. It’s the Eve song, hopefully she will pop up to sing and who knows… we could have her singing Rich Girl too.

      1. No indication on Eve’s twitter that she’s in Japan or heading there. Still, could be because it’s planned as a surprise…

  26. Shazam has longer previews (25 seconds or so) of this is what the truth feels like!
    http://www.shazam.com/track/313146798/youre-my-favorite (not sure about this one)
    http://www.shazam.com/track/313146795/me-without-you (beautiful ballad)
    http://www.shazam.com/track/313146799/red-flag (love this one)
    http://www.shazam.com/track/313146796/where-would-i-be (wow this song sounds so cool)
    http://www.shazam.com/track/313146800/asking-for-it (great beat, sounds very repetitive though)
    http://www.shazam.com/track/313752079/obsessed (this is a BANGER surprised its not on the regular edition)
    http://www.shazam.com/track/313752077/rocket-ship (again a banger, I guess she saved the cooky songs for the deluxe edition)
    http://www.shazam.com/track/313752078/getting-warmer (could be a huge dance club hit)
    http://www.shazam.com/track/313752080/splash (wasn’t feeling this one)

        1. Lisa helped us and just shared all of the tracks above my post. I didn’t get the “Splash” snippet when I heard them, omg I think it’s one of my favourites from the album.

        2. I don’t see anything either. Must be U.S. residents can’t get it. Oh well, I am happy to wait two days anyway.

  27. I think they must have removed the snippets from Shazam. Nothing happens when I click on the links shared by Lisa above.

  28. I wanted to add earlier that “asking for it” sounds very similar to “good for you” by selena gomez. I think the same people worked on that song. I think most fans will really like the album it’s full of hits and has some very good beats.

    1. I’m waiting until the album comes out but I listened to all of the 30 sec snippets.
      Overall the album is getting very good reviews though! EW gave it an A- ,people magazine 3/4, us weekly 3/4, newsday A-
      A lot of mixed opinions on Red Flag and Asking For it just by scrolling through the ARTL thread, A lot of people saying the deluxe songs could have replaced some of the standard ones and there is universal love for “Getting Warmer.” It seems like the favorite is “Where Would I Be” which definitely needs to be a single.

    2. Yeah, full album. It’s amazing! Still getting my shit together, I completely lost it when I heard the album.

      1. I agree! I’m so freaking excited and will admit I definitely liking it more than Push and Shove and The Sweet Escape so far. It sounds so damn good and worth the 10 year wait!

  29. No way…Push and Shove was sooooo much better. I like Splash and Where Would I Be as she uses her ND voice on those! I love it!

    1. It is miles away better than Push and Shove, I kinda feel bad Gwen didn’t save Where Would I Be for ND, since it could be a hit for them actually (I don’t see Gwen releasing it as a single herself).

    2. I think there are individual tracks that are better on P&Sorry and TSE but TIWTTFL flows so nicely. Push and Shove felt like fillers halfway through but TIWTTFL bonus tracks are some of the best. LAMB is still untouchable but for me this comes close if not on the same level as TSE

    1. Thinking better, I don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t want to give spoilers, considering that the album isn’t out yet in most of the countries. I’m gonna wait ’till it’s out and eveybody has listened to it.

  30. OK, so new favourite is……. RARE. This is a super radio friendly song…very Selena Gomez meets Madonna. I really like it. I cannot wait to hear War Paint….my missing puzzle piece.

  31. The coolest thing about this album is that it sounds VERY Gwen. Not Katy Perry, not Madonna, not Kylie Minogue. There are “Gwenisms” on all the songs, except for some of the bonus ones, which makes it clear as to why she kept them as bonus. Rocket Ship and Getting Warmer are my favorite bonus tracks. Can you tell what Rocket Ship is about? It’s a metaphor and it’s hilarious and amazing…


    “Naughty” is a really cool song with happy beat, but the chorus gets too urban/hiphop, I’m still trying to figure out if it fits well Gwen’s voice. Same to “Rocket Ship”, amazing song, but gets too urban in the chorus. “Where Would I Be?” is totally surprising, I thought it was going to be a ballad, but it’s a happy song and totally Gwen (reggae) <3, I'm sure most of you gonna like it! "Send Me a Picture" is another pop song with dancehall influenced beat, but mostly pop.
    As like Lisa said, "Red Flag" is getting mixed reviews, but I actually loved it. Gwen called it a "work of art" and maybe because of that some ppl were expecting it to be the best track on the album. But I think that if you're a fan, you'll understand what she's trying to say and you're going to get the "work of art" about it. "Getting Warmer" sounds like a global hit. I have a personal love for "Splash", I love that track since I heard the snippet for the first time, and again, dancehall influeced "singing style". "Rare" is a highlight possible single. "Obsessed" has a strong beat that destroys me, it's amazing.

    Well, that's it. The album is amazing, Gwen doesn't disappoint. I tried my best to descrive without taking out the curiosity out of you guys.

  33. This album really showcases Gwen as a pop songwriter (great at it) and pop persona. It’s one of those things, this album had to be amazing because she’s competing with herself 10 years ago. Let me say, she comes out victorious.

  34. I got the pre order cd , the vinyl and will be getting the deluxe album from target 🙂 I’m super curious to hear the tracks. The 30 second clips sound soooooo good!

    1. My absolute favorite is Me Without You (I really see this song is as a classic for Gwen, the most painful and confessional in her solo career) and then the rest of the album is all 5/5 except Asking 4 It.

  35. Guys don’t forget, as soon as the album comes out, the place to listen to it is Spotify, not iTunes. Every listen has to count. 😉

  36. I am waiting for Friday to hear the album in it’s full glory! So excited to hear people are overall happy with the album. I can’t flipping wait to hear it!!!

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one waiting until it’s available for purchase! LOL Definitely getting the Target version, but I might buy the digital too….just to support our girl.

    1. Oh yes. I had to stop and think for a while after I listened to the whole album, particularly Loveable that is the last song for a reason…

  37. So far my favourites are: “You’re my favourite” (no pun intended!) I think this is really catchy and I liked it upon first listen unlike other tracks where it takes a while to get into them. Truth actually surprised me, I thought it would be a revenge type song, heartfelt, it made me feel something that’s for sure. Red Flags is awesome and I’d love to see Gwen do a video for this song bringing her Gwen attitude to the screen. Rocket ship is fun and Rare shows her vulnerability. I’m just going on now! I like most of it and I wasn’t expecting to after the releases from last year. Our Gwennie Gwen Gwen is back 🙂

    1. None of the US copies will be signed. The ones she signed were the the Ellen audiance.
      The only chance to get a autographed copy is if they announce a give away or special edition signed by her.

  38. I went to a website, at least pretending to sell them, and many people on atrl had been ordering some. That is why I wandered

  39. I bought the album today and I am currently sat listening to all of the tracks for the first time 😀
    I love so many songs so far, can’t wait to get them on repeat! This is so incredible 😀

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