Unannounced Irvine Tour Date Appears on ‘Truth’ Merchandise (Updated)


Gwen has since confirmed that she will be closing out her tour in Irvine, California on both October 29 and 30th. Tickets for the shows will go on sale Friday, September 16.


Fans are speculating that another southern California tour date is set for Gwen on October 29 in Irvine, California based off of a t-shirt being sold with dates listed for the This Is What the Truth Tour Feels Like. The tee lists that the tour will be stopping in Irvine on October 29 for her hometown closer, which is a date that has yet to be announced or listed on Ticketmaster. The tees had been recently re-printed since the updated Fresno date for August 27 is listed, too.

We wouldn’t be surprised since No Doubt has always added few special dates for fans in the local area towards the end of their tours. We’ll keep everyone posted and hopefully an announcement is on the way soon (and it wasn’t just a misprint!)

Thanks to our buddy Greg for the heads up!

14 Replies to “Unannounced Irvine Tour Date Appears on ‘Truth’ Merchandise (Updated)”

  1. I was wondering about this cause depending what concert schedule site I went to I was seeing different cities listed. I have seen the Irvine listed and sometimes only one concert listed in LA. It’s been confusing cause I really want to add a Cali concert but doubt all things will come together that it’s a reality.

  2. I was wondering why there was no Orange County date.

    It’s totally fitting she’d play Irvine Meadows as ND has played so, so many shows there and the venue is closing soon (I think later this year). It’s probably the last time she’ll ever play there.

    Here’s where I get my hopes up that the boys will join her for a song or two at this show!

  3. I just wish this was announced with the rest of the dates as I’d rather go to this show than the LA one (if it’s real).

  4. Yeah, I kind of wish this was announced before since I had planned on seeing an OC show over LA, but if this is announced I guess I’ll reluctantly get tickets since it’ll for sure be a big deal and potentially ND will come out. I know how much Tom and Tony love this venue

  5. I wish! ND played there so many times! Didn;t they do like 4 shows back to back? I always see photos of Tony there for shows. Fingers crossed they join her for real ND magic.

  6. This tour has been so boring for me. I had high expectations because Harajuku Lovers and The Sweet Escape tours were so amazing. I’m glad I didn’t use all of my savings to drive to the Vancouver show. I can’t believe she hasn’t done anything new with the setlist. Let alone the crappy costumes. I’m pretty disappointed

  7. It would be cool if No Doubt played the No Doubt songs she’s been playing on the road. A good way to close out the tour, and respect No Doubt, they belong together!

  8. That’s so weird to me!!! The guys are being creative and musical and Gwen is being creative and musical but they aren’t doing it together. And they won’t play at all together, even when they are in nearby cities, for fun. Them not showing ANY support for her tour or even entertaining the idea of playing her shows makes it blaringly obvious that ND is on the rocks at the moment. Not just chilling out, like they are making ZERO effort to play together or be together in any way.

    1. Besides that, why were fans expecting them to perform anyway? They didn’t on the LAMB tour. TSE was a fun surprise and sort of a segue for Gwen returning to ND after her solo period was supposedly ending.

  9. Any new news here on whether or not this date will happen? I think it will be my first time seeing gwen or Nd in california! (East coaster)

    1. I’ve heard from a couple of sources that it is happening — and I would hope so since it’s listed on tour merchandise. So far the show isn’t listed anywhere though…

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