U.S. Olympic uniforms: 10 designers we’d choose over Ralph Lauren

This is pretty neat! Website Zap2It chose Gwen as one of the designers they would rather see design the uniforms for the upcoming Olympics.

Zap2It.com - On Thursday (March 22), the U.K. unveiled their 2012 Summer Olympics uniforms — designed by none other than red-hot British designer Stella McCartney. The U.S., too, has a big-name designer on its side: Ralph Lauren. 

We know it’s too late to shift gears, but Zap2it kind of wishes the U.S. — in the spirit of the Olympics — had gone with a team of designers to bring a new, fresh look to our 800+ athletes. Especially since,according to Forbes, Lauren has already done the job twice for past Olympics.

Gwen Stefani: Both L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers are young and playful, just like the Olympics. 

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