New Possible Song Titles From Gwen’s Upcoming Album (Updated)

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Music blog is reporting a couple of new possible song titles for Gwen’s upcoming album expected in the new year. They are listing the tracks “Hell Yeah Baby” and “Hard 2 Love” as confirmed, recorded and registered by Gwen.

Both songs were apparently written by Gwen alongside Charli XCX, Michael Angelakos (of Passion Pit), Magnus Hoeiberg, Benny Blanco and Aryn Wüthrich.

Though they haven’t been confirmed, the information does sound accurate as Gwen has named both Charli XCX and Benny Blanco contributors to the album. Other confirmed possible songs for her upcoming album include: “Baby Don’t Lie”, “Spark The Fire”, “Start A War”, “Heart Shaped”, “Woah”, “Carousel” and “Shine” (which will be featured in the upcoming film, Paddington).


Another source took a closer look into the registry and spotted a few new titles including “Ziplock” (co-written with Jacob Kasher, Ross Golan, Gamal Lewis, and Niles Hollowell-Dhar), “Overdose” featuring Miguel (co-written by Miguel, Benny Blanco, and Michael Angelakos) and “Confection”. “Confection” also credits pop singer Shakira but it’s unclear if the song is a duet or if both Gwen and Shakira recorded their own versions.

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43 Replies to “New Possible Song Titles From Gwen’s Upcoming Album (Updated)”

  1. Yes. Its true. It’s registered on BMI. She also has a song featuring Miguel called “Overdose” and a song with Shakira called “Confection”.

  2. @Thad where did you hear those songs titles from? shakira duet would be interesting since gwen hasn’t dueted with other females aside from eve.

  3. i rly hope there is HIT in one of those song, i am glad to see that there r many writers.. and the song with SHAKIRAS mUST BE GOOD!

  4. Kinda random those songs with Miguel and Shakira. I hope they’re not features. 😒 It’s like one step forward, two steps back? Gimme Charli XCX anyday!

  5. Hmmmm….I’m not sure how I feel about Shakira…her singing voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me, but I’ll keep an open mind.

  6. I don’t mind a Miguel feature, his album was sooo good! & I like and respect Shakira but she doesn’t seem like anyone Gwen would duet with, I doubt its a duet

  7. Relax guys, so far this is nothing but a rumor. This song was probably offered to Gwen and Shakira and they both recorded it. It doesn’t have to be a collaboration.

  8. swap Shakera for Rihanna and you’ve got a hit. regardless, I’m super excited for anything new & always in full support.

  9. So it seems like gwen didnt have a hand in writing most of these songs which sucks! I hope they are good songs and still seem very gwen.

  10. I love what Diplo and Ryan Tedder did for Madonna’s Rebel Heart so I have high hopes for Gwen’s solo album. And I highly doubt Gwen and Shakira will collaborate…this has to be a track written and passed along to Gwen.

  11. Why being scared if her songs leak? Madonna probably leaked the songs herself. lol Seriously, you only have your songs leaked on internet if someone on your team does it. Madonna said herself she doesn’t even have wifi in the studio and her team isn’t allowed to bring the phone in.

  12. shakira duet?
    gwen you’re enter in a real weird place.
    shakira sucks
    gwen “writting”just 1 or 2 songs sucks

    en que señora plastica de hollywud sin capacidad de escribir te convertiste gwen?
    no podes ser tan lazy, activa las neuronas un poco…

    dont wait for a good music production neither. gwen you could get a mix of MIA, beyonce, solange, la roux, real good pop music. and 80s shit you like.but you’re into all this new USA pop crap.puaj…
    you’re rich, you can explore with music, get new sounds.but no.

    dont make this kind of music please.shhhhhhhhhhhhit.
    time to get new “idols”

  13. Mostra un poco de respeto Mario. Si viajas a odiar, mejor irse ahora!
    That being said… how rude to come here and call Gwen a plastic old lady. Dude, her brains work way better than yours, who’s got more money and has their own empire to run, you or her?
    Her solo work was always been more loose than ND, she’s being working with other people since her first solo came out, so why freak out just now? I really hate the current pop scenario, but I’m giving her work a chance since I’ve a fan/supporter for years now.

  14. Guys, it goes both ways. Gwen can only work with people that want to work with her. For example Rihanna and MIA probably aren’t interested in Gwen.

    1. Exactly. It always annoys me when people complain about her collaborators and say stuff like “Maroon 5? I thought she’s better than that…”. We should be happy for her that all these big artists even want to work with her and we should be thankful that all these artists, songwriters and producers are still interested in her despite the total lack of commercial success.

      It’s always easy for us to say stuff like “Why can’t she work with cool indie artists?”, but the truth is that those probably simply don’t want to work with Gwen.

  15. Cynthia, it’s sad and naive that you automatically equate money with intelligence and being respectable. Gwen didn’t build her ’empire’ up alone.

    We should feel lucky that Maroon 5 want to work with Gwen? Ok.

    1. Yes we should. M5 is one of the biggest contemporary pop acts. It doesn’t matter what we think about their music, but their status is a lot higher than Gwen’s these days. Working with all these people (M5 is just one example) is a great chance for Gwen. She knows that, she’s not stupid and it’s only happening, because she wants it.

      All of her latest collaborations are the complete opposite of her past collaborations: When Gwen collaborated with Eve and Moby, she was the bigger star. Eve and Moby needed her to get a hit single. These days Calvin Harris and M5 are a lot bigger than Gwen and – whether we like it or not – she needs them.

  16. Tbh that Maroon 5 collab sucked a little. And I don’t think Gwen need them at all. Gwen isn’t as successful as 10 years ago but she’s still relevant. Adam Levine totally fangirled cause Gwen was on his album, not the other way round.

  17. the problem here is that everyone is talking about SUCCESS, HIT OR MISS, RELEVANT OR NOT, MONEY, MONEY, BIG, MAINSTRAIM…
    and nobody is talking about creativity, music, artistic production

    shame. she’s shouldnt care about that. she’s rich, she doesn’t need money desperately.
    succes comes after artistic and personal value…

  18. yeah, sure…but you are staying with anecdotal things. it says anecdotal? im not yankee, my native lenguaje is spanish. superficial things maybe? dont know well, whatever..
    call her plastic hollyw bitch doesn’t matter. those are just spicy words with no real relevance.

    don’t believe the indie artist thing.
    look at other pop acts
    grimes write for rihanna
    sophie produce in the new madonna album
    there’s always time for mix styles, ideas, music. but she’s missing things, she connect with the mainstream shit now, cause she stays with the surface of the music scene, she doesn’t explore depper. The best things are hidden, but she’s lazy with that

  19. I actually thing she might be exploring more with these 2 new songs “Hell Yeah Baby” and “Hard 2 Love”. Ok Charli XCX is more mainstream now but she’s still one of the few who doesn’t fit in. Anyway those two songs were co-written with other indie, more alternative artists such as Michael Angelakos (of Passion Pit), Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco and Ryn Weaver.
    That’s why I was a bit concerned when Miguel and Shakira were thrown into the mix. They’re so random. But hey, we all know how Gwen is, her music is always like a mix of different genres and people, a bit like a fruit salad.
    Personally I’m more excited for “Hell Yeah Baby” and “Hard 2 Love”.

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