Tweets: Studio Still; Vintage ROS Photos

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We knew it! Tony just shared a photo from the Madness concert tonight in Los Angeles. We had a slight hunch that the band would have attended the show tonight. Hope they are having a great time!

Gwen just shared a photo of Tony and producer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent back in the studio this afternoon. Adrian also responded to us saying that they are working more on “Push and Shove” and are in a “really good place today”. He is also taking to Twitter to share some vintage Return of Saturn era photos in honor of the album’s 12th anniversary last week!

@tonykanal In the presence of greatness

(On “Push and Shove”) @tomdumontnd @GregggGaGaKILLS vintage jamaica

@tomdumontnd “@beaconstreet: Love this! Especially the shorts! 😉 @tomdumontnd” Thanks. I love short shorts. Makes me feel powerful!

@tomdumontnd @nodoubt studio report card today: “easy” and “push & shove” – both codes cracked today. feels good!

@adrianyoungnd A and G.

@adrianyoungnd TK

@adrianyoungnd TK Anaheim Stadium


@adrianyoungnd “Simple Kind of Life” video shoot.


@adrianyoungnd More ROS pics

@adrianyoungnd Last week, there was a mention of Return of Saturn turning 12. I found some pics from the ROS era. More to come.

@nodoubt @beaconstreet We are getting “Push and Shove” in a really good place today. Adrian

@gwenstefani Studio still gx

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