Tweets: Studio Days Over For Now

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Bittersweet! Tom posted a link today to his official blog saying that the band is in done in the studio for now and is now in performance mode. We love the sound of that! We will miss the studio Tweets though and all the info they shared with us a long the way. But we have so, so much to look forward to in the next coming months.

Gwen also shared that she is heading to Bush’s show tonight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

@tomdumontnd true! “@nxdme: @beaconstreet The final 100 DAYS should fly with webisodes, photo shoots, interviews, music video and TV performances!! :D”

@tomdumontnd @beaconstreet great but we gotta wait for Sophie to edit it! We can’t wait to see it either.

@tomdumontnd goosebumps! “@candiadams1: I can’t imagine the intense adrenaline rush you must get from the crowd as we sing back your songs…”

@tomdumontnd not sure. Vid shoot threw everything off this week. “@NXD2012: hate to keep asking about the webisode..”

@tomdumontnd “yes it’s downright rocking’! @anaheimboynxd: @TomDumontND “looking hot”has to be uptempo…right? :)”

@tomdumontnd pretty much always. Our ears are most familiar w/our own cars. “@nodoubternate: Are car tests something you guys have always done?”

@tomdumontnd Final car test. I think 🙂

@tomdumontnd both r great, they balance each other “@RachelP13: @TomDumontND do you have a preference for studio time vs. performing?”

@tomdumontnd Todd was at the vid shoot filming so that delayed it I think… “@RenataLuizand: @TomDumontND YAY, hey Dumont, any news about webisode?”

@gwenstefani On our way to staples for @bushofficial bush show 🐹 gx

@tomdumontnd Studio days over for now

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