Tweets: Song Demos and Vocals Today

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The band seems already pretty hunkered down writing new material! Tom Tweeted that he’s been working on No Doubt song demo ideas a la Tragic Kingdom while Gwen and Tony are together this afternoon working on vocals.

@tonykanal @gwenstefani and one more

@tonykanal @gwenstefani vocals today

@tomdumontnd Fixed my twitter. Gonna try to tweet my primary activity each day. Not including the usual stuff like sleep, get dressed, drink coffee etc.

@tomdumontnd Today, whilst @gwenstefani records vocals in LA, I am making ND song idea demos. Trying for TK style but sounding like Fleetwood Mac. Weird.

10 Replies to “Tweets: Song Demos and Vocals Today”

  1. This is so exciting! Who would of thought that this new ND era would of led to this? It’s all happening so quickly. It seems a lot of fans are apprehensive, considering the luke warm reception to P&S. But I think this is a really awesome step forward and we need to send ND our good vibes. This is a thrilling time, I bet it’s gonna be amazing.

  2. I hope Gwen will be able to run around and sing like she sings in the studio well, she hasn’t been able to do that lately but lets give her time to get back into groove.

  3. wow looks like there alittle more buissness this time around, but i hope they do have fun while recording too. i hope gwen focuses alittle more on her vocals pretaining to live performances because as of late it has been really hit or miss with her. she has to practice them alittle more.

  4. I really hope there’s no more songs that get mixed where she sounds nasal and slightly off-pitch like “Undone.” Her main vocal strength is in her lower register. If they write more songs to work in tandem with her voice like that, she’ll be able to perform them live.

    She also NEEDS to rehearse more. No more “winging it.” It shows in her vocal performances. I think the only decent “Looking Hot” performances were the acoustic ones where she sat still and could just sing it out.

  5. @JXSXPX – I agree, you could tell in the live performances. Why the hell would you just “wing it”? You’re the LEAD SINGER. This is just my assumption but I think the band, or at least Gwen, wasn’t thrilled about P&S. They just weren’t confident performing them live, and maybe when they finally started rehearsing they realized that the material wasn’t translating that good on the stage. I think I read on the forum that Gwen, Adrian, and Tony were ready to move on too, although this could be speculation. From the looks of things though they look they are well on their way on making tracks, and with Stent (apperantly) out of the mix, maybe these new collabs are really working in terms of what they want.

    1. i hope they have no intention of calling it quits yet, however i do think after this new album comes out somewhere down the road and perhaps one more after that or possibly a singles type album years after that i believe they will call it i would say when there all around 50 or so lol. i think i will be funny to see how they all look by then.

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