Tweets: Rehearsals for Jimmy Kimmel

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Gwen Tweeted this afternoon to everyone and said that the band is back rehearsing for their Jimmy Kimmel performance this Tuesday. It’s so great to see the band Tweeting again!

@gwenstefani At rehearsals for Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday gx

@gwenstefani Hi poppies gx

18 Replies to “Tweets: Rehearsals for Jimmy Kimmel”

  1. I normally stand up for Gwen’s live voice but I have to agree with ^ Gwen does need to practice her live voice on Push and Shove

  2. Im excited to see what they bring out of the bag. I remember them performing You’re so Foxy and that blew me away. Cant wait till Tuesday.

  3. Maybe they’ll sweeten her vocals for TV…does No Doubt ever do that? Sorry if it’s a controversial question but I’m a new fan and don’t know what they’ve done in the past or what their stance is on that.

  4. If it were a 3rd single, wouldn’t we have heard about it by now? I’m truly intrigued on what they are up to… 🙂

  5. “Push and Shove,” “One More Summer” (the fast version), “Don’t Let Me Down” (one can always wish, right?), and “Sunday Morning.”

  6. Evon, it is a controversial question for some die-hard fans. ND has always sung live, with no use of autotune or other pitch correction effects! One example is the performances of Hey Baby wich sound a little different from the studio version for that reason.

    Sometimes they use some slight reverb effects (echo on the voice) and a low backing track of Gwen’s voice on the backvocals accompanying Gabe and Steve’s live ones. This is usually the case on recent tv performances but in the end it all comes down to the mixing wich has to be top notch in order for it to sound good! But that’s the show’s technical team’s responsability. ND never disappoint live. 🙂

    1. Songs that sound live that don’t sound like the studio can be a great thing, but this time push and shove is not the case, well for me it just has to do with Gwens live voice. I don’t know it sounds weird to me, she sounds great live in all songs except for push and shove.

  7. I think she sounds amazing during the chorus of P&S, it’s just the rap part that is lackluster. She’s not forceful enough with it. Probably because she’s just trying to remember all the words haha I’m hoping the more they do the song, the better it will get. Just like Settle Down…I liked the way they arranged it for the 7 Night Stand.

    Anyway, the only time I can recall Gwen lip syncing was when she performed LMBYM with Eve once or twice. I think she was singing along to it, but the backing track was louder… Probably because she sounded bad on that song. Dre made it hard on her LOL

  8. Ed, thanks for the details! I think she always does a good job considering how much she throws herself physically into her performances.

    Evon (Starbucks spelling of my name) 😉

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