Tweets: Photos From L.A.M.B. Showroom

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Aww — how exciting! Gwen Tweeted us that she’s downloading more photos from the showroom and will be sharing them! We love her and the new collection is out of this world. We will keep adding the photos and Tweets as they come in!

Gwen has started sharing photos with us of the new collection that debuts tomorrow at New York Fashion Week. Fall 2012 seems to be full of Gwen’s favorite prints and the colors are amazing! We also see a few of the handbags and shoes!

hair and makeup test gx rad

hair and nails gx pretty girls

this collection is sick paula gx

shall i show u all my pix or will i spoil it for tomorrow?? gx

delicious gx


rubber hounds tooth is right up my alley by the way gx

ska anyone? gx

tribe quest gx

spectator much? gx

r u suppose to tweet this much in a row? is it rude? hope your tummy is full of L.A.M.B. gx

nigh night gx

why am i not in this gang? gx

Got the best team ever -shout out to Paula, Debbie, jolie, danillo, charlotte, lorie, can’t wait to see it all come together. gx

@thingsweheart @LOrealParisUSA @beaconstreet @EITnd trying to download more pix for u ! So frustrating!! Hold please gx

Lamb gx

@LOrealParisUSA @thingsweheart wow L.A.M.B. right round the corner gx

2 Replies to “Tweets: Photos From L.A.M.B. Showroom”

  1. The yellow houndstooth is amazing! Wow…love L.A.M.B. so much!!!! Can’t wait for the handbags! 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

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