Tweets: “Happy Fathers Day” (Updated)

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So sweet! Gwen took to Twitter tonight to wish her father and all dads a very Happy Fathers Day! She also shared an adorable photo of Gavin with new baby Apollo in honor of his special day.

Tony also posted a photo of himself with his two girls and a special personal one of himself and his father.

We also would love to wish Tom, Tony, Adrian and Gabe a very Happy Fathers Day and hope they know how much of an inspiration they are for so many.

4 Replies to “Tweets: “Happy Fathers Day” (Updated)”

  1. That photo of Gavin and Apollo is so cute.
    I find it a little odd that your celebrating Father’s Day today, Father’s Day in Australia is in September.

  2. Yeah Father’s Day is March 19 for me. I feel left out. lol
    Anyway such an adorable photo with Apollo. Finally an official one.

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