Tweets: Gwen’s Shoot for Harajuku Lovers

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How fun! Gwen’s been Tweeting from her homemade photo shoot this afternoon for a new line of Harajuku Lovers (!!!) tees with her niece Madeline modeling! Gwen says she took the job of hair dresser and makeup artist today and showed off her makeup collection and shared a photo from the shoot in her bathroom.

How exciting and we cannot wait to hear more about the upcoming line of Harajuku Lovers! It’s great to hear it’s returning!

17 Replies to “Tweets: Gwen’s Shoot for Harajuku Lovers”

  1. In case anyone’s wondering in the make up picture I spotted a cleanser by Bioderma and a Marilyn Monroe for Mac compact, most likely the highlighting powder (which I always lusted after) #gwenproducts 🙂

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