Tweets: Gwen’s New Shoot Today

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Gwen has been Tweeting some gorgeous photos of herself this afternoon on set of a new shoot! She shared yesterday that she had her hair done by Danilo and she looks fabulous. Hopefully we hear more soon about the new shoot.

21 Replies to “Tweets: Gwen’s New Shoot Today”

  1. Ok, how old are you guys? New solo? Really? Can you at least stop for a sec and think properly before posting nonsense? It would save you a lot of embarrassment. Bye.

  2. as a matter of fact, it makes sense. Gwen can still create her own music plus she has many unreleased songs from lamb era

    i am 22,

  3. Looks like she’s doing segment interviews just like the ones in ND DVD’s. As for a her solo career, we inhirited a lot of new Gwen (not ND) fans, and they are dying for another album… so they will cry “solo” at her every move, which is kinda of annoying.

  4. It’s kind of crushing to read such comments to be honest. Believe me, I’m also a huge fan of her solo, but I’d feel truly cheated and crushed if they didn’t release a No Doubt album 1st. I don’t mind if she releases another solo in the near future, but they promised us another album next.

  5. I don’t really care for solo work, it’s not ND (and I’m a ND fan). But I agree with NDLOVER. They promised another album, but I have a feeling that we might not get one. It will be either Gwen going solo (for good) or reitering withouth reallying saying it (like Pink Floyd).

  6. I love Gwen’s iconic typos. I wonder if when she says “Bout to get my hair did by @DaniloHair luck me” if she meant to end luck with a ‘y’ or if the first letter was meant to be an ‘f’.

    and for NDLOVER– why are you so angry about people saying solo? Many fans associate Gwen solo with success and innovation and after PS associate ND with passe and calculated. Who wouldn’t trade the whole PS era for HBG-sized solo hit?

  7. Anthony, I’m not angry. I just don’t understand it. And the same way they express their excitement for another solo, I can say I’m not amused about it.
    And btw Gwen is dyslexic so it’s normal that sometimes she makes some casual typos. I just hope people don’t point it out to her on twitter because it’s a bit rude. Some fans once made fun of her on the official forum because of that and she stopped posting.

  8. I remember that– even with her special ND logo– no one believed that the musician who wrote beautiful lyrics on RoS could make human error. I think it’s endearing.

    I think if you recall how quick her solo work came out, and how great it was, it seems like a good option for anxious fans. If we wait for another ND album– I think we’re all under the impression that it will be PSv2.0 instead of a RS under 1 year mega hit.

  9. I thought Push and Shove was actually really good and I am still so angry about the whole ‘Looking Hot’ issue, that song could’ve been huge if the video had stayed released and had huge promotion, I’m so disappointed! The band had big hopes for it, I was watching interviews of them in London yesterday saying about how excited they were and about touring this year here in England…. obviously the album just wasn’t a success which is so sad, it should’ve been!!!! I would be very happy for Gwen to lend vocals to some big artists tracks to get her going again up there in the industry and then No Doubt release another album with lots of cool, successful, current artists to be a success! I’d prefer them to be a success opposed to the style of music they create, as they are never going to be going back to a hardcore punk edge I don’t believe, Push and Shove is their kind of sound now, whether fans love it or loathe it!!!

  10. I just want Mrs Gwen to do what ever makes her happy, she has done so much work to entertain all of us. I want to Know that she Mrs. Gwen, Mr. Gavin and her little troopers are Happy,Safe and doing well. God bless them.

  11. The last picture definitely looks like she doing interviews, because there are some microphones above her, so I guess it’s “more” that just a photoshoot.

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