Tweets: Gwen’s Dinner with Jimmy Iovine

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Gwen took to Twitter tonight and shared photos of her gorgeous new L.A.M.B. bags that arrived at her home this afternoon and shared a selfie of herself at dinner with Interscope’s Jimmy Iovine tonight.

She looks so glamorous and the new line of bags are stunning and fresh. We hope to get our hands on some of them soon!

36 Replies to “Tweets: Gwen’s Dinner with Jimmy Iovine”

  1. If Gwen is really comming up with a solo album again, I will loose respect on her.
    ND made a comeback, she stated “no more solos”, she belonged to ND. A tour was announced and cancelled so a new album could be recorded as they were super inspired. A few months later they announce a new hiatus and some time later, for Gwen to come up with a solo, is very upsetting. I’ve said before, I’m a ND fan and I don’t care much for her going solo. ND is a band stuck to their lead singer, Gwen is irreplaceable and it breaks my heart that my favorite band seems to be retiring so soon.

    1. Alright, everybody calm your tits. I’m just saying to try and apply a little common sense here:

      1.) Support and tour Push and Shove or go back into the studio to expand on it? Obviously the couldn’t do both. They chose wisely. The album was great. But I have always felt a TON of missed opportunities arose from P&S not being the lead single. Top 40, Alt Rock, Adult Contemp, Urban…all radio formats would have responded well to that song giving them the airplay exposure this new record needed.

      2.) It’s been in the works for a year now. Prior to the hiatus, they were busting their ass writing and recording for nearly 6 months straight. With all the collaborations and studio time with the MAJOR players in the industry, I honestly doubt anyone involved is going to let this new record or EP just be shelved and say “F*ck it. We’re just over it”.

      3.) Burned out? Need a hiatus? It happens people. Think about you at YOUR jobs. Pregnant? When has that slowed her down? 2 kids happened but so did 2 dance records during that phase.

      4.) She and Tony are meeting up with Spike…and now she is meeting with Jimmy. Common sense. Gotta go over their contracts, studio dates, updates/changes, hear a few demos, new ideas for marketing and publication or the look of the new album…whatever. It’s getting closer to us than we think. Just put it in perspective if you can.

      I don’t think they are trying to use some jedi mind trick on the world. I think her pregnancy is nearing the end soon, and I think they are getting ready to get the new studio sessions completed and released. You’ve gotta remember, they want this newly inspired music to succeed and be heard. They need it to work. They want it out as soon as possible just like the fans do.

      Just slow down and think, erry’body. Cut them a litlte slack. It’s going to be here sooner than we think.

    for those who hates the idea of a new solo era ” UP YOURS” – NO DOUBT.

  3. Well, since it was just Gwen meeting Jimmy I don’t really see how this could hint at a new No Doubt album… Of course my solo remark was a joke, but this still seems more plausible than Gwen meeting Jimmy without ND to talk about ND lol.

  4. Well, I can say the same. I don’t know what makes you think this could be a solo album, especially when she said she was done with it (at least for a while).
    In an interview Gwen said: “I did the solo thing, but I felt like I was trying to play a character in a way, this Alice in Wonderland pretend version of myself. But this, being in No Doubt, is really who I am.”

  5. It’s just a dinner, guys. Simmer down. People need to eat. Stop speculating so much. A new solo album or a new ND album would be spectacular. New music either way!

  6. Firstly, I don’t think she has ever done what she thought was a solo album– she called them fun dance art projects… but she said, one day, she may do a solo album, the album that will be like, ‘finally! this is me, this is what I was being held back from expressing in ND’ — the dance albums didnt do that.

  7. I totally agree with BEEZERDI.

    Besides, she and Jimmy are close friends for a long time, guys. So it’s just a dinner.

  8. @NDLOVER: As I said my comment concering a solo album was a joke, but I still I don’t see how a dinner with Jimmy could have anything to do with a ND album. It was just Gwen, not the whole band. It was probably just a dinner between friends. Maybe they were also talking about future plans, but still I don’t see how a ND album is on the way just because of one dinner. ND haven’t worked on anything for many months now. Nothing is on the way.

  9. Call it a xmas dinner or whatever but it’s a fact that the band was working on new material earlier this year. I highly doubt the band would scrap all that material and let her focus on a solo album instead. I don’t think she’d ever do that to the other members ( and also best friends). Until further notice I refuse to accept that there’s a solo project in the works. I’m expecting them to release a No Doubt album first.

  10. He’s probably “as soon as you pop that baby, I want you back in the studio stat…a album with a tentative release by next fall and by the way Britney wants a collab” hahaha

  11. We must accept that their heyday is gone. Anything that comes from them at this point is considered a bonus to be honest. They’re not the same anymore. The “Sparkle” song perfectly describes who they’re now.
    Anyway I can see her do a couple of successful featuring singles before the next No Doubt album. Why not?

  12. It’s fun how people love to keep saying she was done with her solo when she did say the same when LAMB was over, then, she came with The Sweet Escape! Anything could happen, and i will support. Ps. i will suport even more the project that’s faster :p if it means the solo, let it come!

  13. And if she decides to do a solo, obviously she’s not doing anything bad to the band members. Obviously they must have talked about it, maybe the band decided they want to have fun and more time with their families… I think it’s just stupid saying it’s disrespectful if she does that! They’re big friends, they wouldn’t make a decision without talking and getting everything on the table!

  14. I would be happy with anything being released, solo or ND, I find it annoying when people are like ‘I would lose respect for her’, Why? Because Gwen has decided on her own to ditch ND and do some solo work? I don’t believe for a second it would ever be like that! If new solo material was going to occur then it would be because the band had decided it isn’t really working and are we all still that committed anymore? They would all be thinking good for Gwen to try and make a go of it solo if that was the case and not like eurgh she has abandoned us.

  15. I’m not against another solo album. I just think that it wouldn’t sit well, at this point, particularly after ceasing the promotion of P&S and cancelling their tour plans to record a whole NEW No Doubt album. They could have at least told us something 6 months ago, like “Ok guys we’ve been in the studio but unfortunately we’re not feeling it, so we decided to give it a rest.” something along those lines…
    I know that anything they decide to release these days is considered a gift, but the thing is that they have somehow promised us new material. I’d feel cheated, it’s like getting slapped in the face.

  16. I think they went into the studio and recorded a dance album and then dance was no longer happening tbh. I mean, they were with really pop producers and then Skrillex. Now radio is all about R&B and real pop/rock again.

  17. NDLOVER– Gwen is experiencing what may be her last chance for another child– an against-the-odds conception, and what may be the future’s Gwen v2.0. A baby wasn’t the plan. It wasn’t the plan for her first solo tour, it wasn’t the plan recording the new ND album, and it wasn’t the plan during this new ND album– and even though babies don’t literally drain the mother of creativity and muse, Gwen thinks they do, so let her have this belief.


    I relistened to PS– and there’s some really good songs on it. I also have been relistening to RoS and BSC. We have a lot of songs to hold us over, full of awesome creativity. Maybe we all should relisten to Everything In Time…

  18. “against-the-odds conception”??
    For real? We have a whole generation of women having children at 40 and being super healthy during pregnancy. Let’s not exagerate…

  19. Cynthia– I can’t recall the article’s name, but a year or two ago, Gwen and Gavin tried for a third child, but wouldn’t elaborate on why, but they just said it wasn’t working. For them, they had reached a point where their efforts to have the child were not working. Check out this article: It shows how difficult it is for someone who just turned 44 to conceive. “After 45, experts say, it’s almost impossible to get pregnant using your own eggs.”

  20. Thanks Anthony for teaching me on how my body works! LOL! You should tell that to a lot of women that are naturally getting prenant after 40. That’s old news, but nowadays it’s more and more common and not that impossible. Also, miscarriages and problems getting pregnant happen to women of ALL ages.

  21. Cynthia– you don’t have to be a woman to have common knowledge. You implying this is sexist and offensive. It’s a fact that giving birth after 35 is risky, and Gwen was having complications getting pregnant just recently, and she’s far past her prime to conceive, and it’s highly unlikely she’ll get another chance after this. If you want to be dense and deny these simple truths of life and biology, than believe what you want. I know it’s the truth. Doctors know it’s the truth. Hell, even children with a middle school education including health class know it’s the truth. Anything you read on the topic will show you that this pregnancy is higher risk and far less probable than if she were 1-2 decades younger. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt. I’m not trying to bad-mouth Gwen, or make it out like she’s some shriveled old lady, because she’s not, but as far as this stage in her life– she’s very lucky and I hope all goes well and the child is healthy.

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