Tweets: Gwen Shares More Photos From Bush

Gwen is sharing more photos with us on Twitter tonight from the Bush show being held at the King’s Scala in London. No Doubt performed there back in 2002.

And we LOVE the peace sign photo Gwen Tweeted to us!

Oops forget the last one gx @nodoubt
@bushofficial @GavinRossdale @beaconstreet @EITnd gx…
35 minutes ago

@bushofficial g @GavinRossdale @beaconstreet
@EITnd @ @thingsweheart @nodoubt Gx
32 minutes ago…
40 minutes ago
42 minutes ago
43 minutes ago

@GavinRossdale @bushofficial Bush day 2 = makes me want to play Gx inspired
43 minutes ago

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