Tweets: Gwen Shares Photos with David Bowie

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Gwen took to both Twitter and Facebook to share nice photos of herself and music icon David Bowie together in honor of his Birthday! The first photo was taken of the two during their Vanity Fair photo shoot in 2001. The second is No Doubt posing with David and members of his touring group (including Gwen’s solo backing band members Gail Ann Dorsey and Zachary Alford) while in South America back in 1997. Very cool!

Gwen also Tweeted back to a couple of lucky fans this afternoon and says that she’s “so pumped for 2014”.

5 Replies to “Tweets: Gwen Shares Photos with David Bowie”

  1. That photo was not taken in Brazil. Gavin did not join Gwen here. He was touring and he only arrived in Brazil weeks after ND had played. They did perform on other South America countries, so it might be from one of these other concerts, I’m guessing Chile. She only wore that hair style there.

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