Tweets: Gwen Checks In From New ‘Voice’ Shoot

Gwen took to her social networks today to share a photo of herself on-set of a new shoot for The Voice. She looks so classic and pretty and her outfit is spot-on (including her new Apple watch).

Gwen was also spotted on-set earlier this week for another Voice shoot, too.

Also sending congratulations and the best of luck to The Voice for being nominated once again for Reality-Competition Series at the Emmys!

27 Replies to “Tweets: Gwen Checks In From New ‘Voice’ Shoot”

  1. It’s incredible how she hasn’t aged a day. I remember her exactly like that when I met her in 2007.

  2. Ladies take note this is what a woman is supposed to look like period point blank and simple she is absolutely breath taking and that body I’m gay but Gwen could convert me anytime 🙂

  3. @D I think most straight men would prefer a more natural look..

    Gwen has to cake it on for the studio lights but it doesn’t look so good in natural light.

  4. Did anyone else notice “Kings Never Die” has been in the top 40 on itunes the past week but it dropped massively the past day? It’s now nearly outside of the top 100. Kinda odd it fell so hard.

  5. @rose Marie, straight men dont care if the look is natural or not, as long as the girls hot that’s it LOL most guys cant even tell how much make up a woman actually has on

  6. me as a huge fan, dont like it. there r better photos, and it doesnt resemble anything to TSE era NOR LAMB.

  7. Lisa, hopefully when the film hits theaters next week and they release the lyric video, the better the song will do in the charts. I wonder if the song will be sent to radio or promoted as a proper single.

  8. I guess KND had reached its peak for now and that’s why it fell so fast. There wasn’t any airplay or promotion yet, so it’s totally normal. The first week was quite ok, though. Hopefully it will be enough to get it in the top 100. In order to make it a real success, they will need to get it on the radio, though. Preferably with a shorter radio edit.

  9. Somebody here asked what the current chart position was and I browsed all through Billboard hot 100 but it wasn’t there :/ They really have to start promoting it now & hopefully make a video. I agree, a shorter radio edit should be made. There is a part where it’s verse after verse, needs more Gwen there. 🙂

  10. We’ll have to wait until Tuesday to find out if it made the Hot 100 or not. Since new releases are now on Fridays “…new chart is compiled and officially released to the public by Billboard on Tuesdays.”

    Friday, January 1 – sales tracking-week begins, streaming tracking-week begins
    Monday, January 4 – airplay tracking-week begins
    Thursday, January 7 – sales tracking-week ends, streaming tracking-week ends
    Sunday, January 10 – airplay tracking-week ends
    Tuesday, January 12 – new chart released, with issue post-dated Saturday, January 23

  11. I know a lot of fans just wish Gwen success with any musical venture (as do i) but id be too embarrassed for this one to be a hit. If they make a video hopefully she’ll “pee pee” on him. Is she gonna collaborate with Avril Lavign next?

  12. Considering that this collaboration is something out of the box and unexpected with such a great song, I really don’t mind seeing her promoting this song tbh. If they release a proper video this might be a way for a lot of people to regain interest in comeback as a solo artist. My 2 cents.

  13. I have plenty of straight male friends and they all think Gwen is breath taking why are you all bashing her looks? Saying to much makeup and her nose Jesus Christ there is that negative shit jenny was speaking about…and what exactly are you implying @Rose?

  14. And men prefer women to be classy and well put together straight or gay…well some men like lose women…

  15. I understand that not everybody likes Eminem, but to me KND feels way more authentic than for example MHIO or “Together”. Even the lyrics of KND make sense considering Gwen’s current status. She has been around for a long time and now she wants to prove that she is “here to stay”. It’s an unexpcted surprise collaboration and Eminem is a respected artist. I don’t see how this could be downgrade for Gwen. Eminem may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he is still pretty much a-list and he is in a totally different league than for example Avril Lavigne lol.

  16. I think it’s hard not to comment on the way Gwen looks when all she really shares via her social media is pics of her face.
    So regardless of your opinion, its not like she is giving us much else to talk about.
    Sometimes I think she looks amazing, sometimes not, but I seldom engage in this discussion because it really is not that interesting. If only she could be a little less vain, then there would be less bickering around here

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