Tweets: Getting back to Shirley and day one of mixing

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Ahh! Gwen just tweeted back at Shirley from the tweet she sent to ND a few days ago talking about the Weenie Roast. So sweet and incredible! Tom went on Twitter and stated that day one of mixing is under way! Also, Tom re-tweeted Hayley Williams talking about Harajuku Mini – for herself! Cute!

Tom also explained the mixing process with everyone — they start today and mixing is finding the final balance on tracks. It takes one to two days per track and they are doing them in random order. Once the mixing in complete, then comes the mastering, which doesn’t take long at all. We wish them the best of luck!

@tomdumontnd @GwenStefaniBR Mastering comes after mixing. Just takes 1 day to master the whole album. Such a process, right!? 🙂

@tomdumontnd @nodoubternate mixing= the final balance+EQ of all the recorded tracks. Kinda like editing a movie I guess. Takes 1-2 days per song. 🙂

@nodoubt @garbage Wow Shirley here we are in the future!! New music, old friends. Who knew?!! Cheers to new music!! You are hot as ever! – Gx

@TomDumontND @tolivendienla mixing day 1: @markspikestent begins on “Dreaming the Same Dream”

@yelyahwilliams Just bought so much large sized Harajuku Mini without trying it on… This is either going to be the best or the worst day ever.

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