Tweets: Rehearsals For Teen Choice Awards

Gwen’s been Tweeting this morning about hearing “Settle Down” on the radio and how it’s so exciting to have new music out. We are so proud of all of them and can’t imagine what a feeling it must be for the band!

The band shared they are back to rehearsals today for the Teen Choice Awards which air this Sunday!



@adrianyoungnd Here we go. Rehearsing the new and the classics.

@nodoubt Wondering what the band are doing today to celebrate the release of #SettleDown? They’re hard at work rehearsing for the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday!…

@nodoubt Celebrating #SettleDown Release Day at rehearsal with the band! – T

@nodoubt @ladygaga wow gaga muffin thanks for the shout out that’s big! Kiss from one Stefani to another gx

@nodoubt @GabrialMcNair @BaxterBeezy our compatriots in music we love them

@gwenstefani omg so much radio love for #settledown! @987LA and @1043MYfm it’s like nonstop ear candy today!! gx

@adrianyoungnd &@$+!!!!!!! Ya!!!!!!

@gwenstefani Driving to rehearsal and heard #settledown on @kroq AND @ampradio!! Ear candy nonstop! gx

@tonykanal nothing like hearing your song for the first time on the radio!!! congratulations bandmates! @gwenstefani @TomDumontND @AdrianYoungND

@gwenstefani @garbage we love u guys happy day today gx

@gwenstefani @markspikestent omg!! Settle down is out!!!! Yikes quick go buy it on iTunes gx thanks for making it happen x

@gwenstefani Omg we r already #18 on iTunes !! Let’s go to #1 @GavinRossdale @TonyKanal @TomDumontND gx

@gwenstefani @TonyKanal @TomDumontND @AdrianYoungND what up?!!! The day has come!! Congrats freaks gx

@gwenstefani @yelyahwilliams promise me u will listen to -whole record w lyrics out – girl style gx can’t wait to share

@gwenstefani @yelyahwilliams so exciting to have new music come out!!

@gwenstefani Turned on radio this morning and heard settle down! @RyanSeacrest was hooking it up!!! Thank u so exciting. Off the charts!! Gx

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  1. I just love seeing how excited they all get! You can really tell how much they love what they do and how much they love each other as bandmates. Such an exciting day to be a No Doubt fan!!

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