Tweets: Back In The Studio Songwriting

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Gwen Tweeted that the band is back together songwriting in the studio tonight. Though it hasn’t been revealed what this new music will be for, they have hinted that we will hear it next year. We wish them the best and we can’t express how excited we were to hear the news. Totally unexpected!

@tonykanal @gwenstefani @nodoubt Monday night vocals

@gwenstefani Stop procrastinating gx

@gwenstefani If I tweet more will I get up to 600 thousand followers? Gx

@gwenstefani Back in the studio! Song writing yay gx

@gwenstefani Thank u for 7 amazing nights at Gibson what a treat u r yum gx

14 Replies to “Tweets: Back In The Studio Songwriting”

  1. Still so stoked, ha…especially seeing G&T — the end of Undercover, man…talk about capturing magic. I hope they know we support them no matter what…no pressure. I loved Push & Shove. I just hope the “No Doubt” essence isn’t lost in post-production. “Looking Hot”/”SD”/”P&S” were killer live! The crowd at KROQ loved you guys, too. The Alternative format (all over the U.S.) have been ND’s biggest supporters this go around.

    I wonder what they’re listening to for influence? I think they’d both really dig the last two albums by Cut Copy (esp. the songs “Need You Now,” “Feel The Love,”…Ghost Colours in it’s entirety) and LCD Soundsystem in terms of new-wavey stuff.

    I’m sure they’re trying to do commercial, but one thing they’ve never done is a truly gritty/grimey come-on rock ballad…something like they Pixies “Hey!” Speaking of the Pixies, though, “Gigantic” would be more fitting for their sound…imagine that one with horns.

  2. I wonder what they’re up to… Folks mentioned in the other post about maybe a P&S re-release? Some more songs would be awesome. I was always bummed that they only did 11.

  3. I hope Gwen will challenge herself vocal wise! I wonder what genres there will be? anything with rock, would be cool for nd

  4. I’m so happy to hear that they are back in the studio writing new material. I’m hoping that this new music has a harder sound to it than the push and shove album.

    I’ve been a nutty fan for years, went to see them in Manchester (UK) for the Tragic kingdom Tour, Brixton Academy for the Rock Steady tour and Gwen The Sweet escape tour at the Manchester Arena. I love them. With that being said I was disappointed by the new album. People say that fans that don’t like the latest album are haters (Whaat?) and that we wish we were back in 1992! This is ridiculous. People aren’t saying that they should write the same type of material as the earlier days, we are merely expressing that we wish the music would have a harder edge to it. For example, in the webisode where we hear push and shove for the first time they show Adrian playing the drums in the chorus and it had a raw hard energy to it (on the album this is lost in translation) I was super excited thinking that if the rest of the album was like that then it was going to be amazing and when it came out I was disappointed that it was not.

    I am anything but a hater and no longer wish to be in 1992 but I do hope that the new material is more rock as opposed to pop (they have rock bands in 2013 you know) but hey that’s just my opinion 🙂

  5. I posted a comment earlier but it didn’t show up so I’ll try again. If my earlier post pops up I apologise for repeating.

    I am a big No Doubt fan and have been for years but have to admit that I was disappointed when the Push and Shove album came out. People say that fans that don’t like the new album are haters (Whaat?) and that we wish we were back in 1992. This is ridiculous. For me personally I just wish that the album had a harder sound to it. In the webisode that showed snippets of push and shove for the first time I was blown away by Adrian drumming in the chorus and got super excited. It had a raw hard energy to it (which was lost in translation on the album) and I thought if the rest of the album was going to be like that then it would be amazing. I was disappointed when it was not.

    I’m hoping that the new material that they’re writing at present is more rock than pop with that harder edge to it that we heard in that webisode. That’s jut my opinion though, you know. Just saying 🙂

  6. I selfishly hope it’s for a new album… like the gap between Return of Saturn and Rock Steady… I’d totally wait for a tour if it meant another new album!

  7. I can’t really see them doing a Push and Shove re-release, seeing as how none of the songs really did that well. Maybe an EP? I wonder what the band really thinks of Push and Shove. There was so much talk about how amazing it was and how it was the best material they ever did and now it seems over.

  8. It certainly wasn’t a BAD album…I hope they don’t think that. I’d still like to hear all the songs live. I hope they get a 3rd single… I don’t think it’s a good idea to abandon the whole album just because of poor sales.

  9. Amanda – I’m just wondering if they really were not that happy with how it turned out personally. It always seems like they have to fine tune the songs for Interscope (look how many times they reworked them). It will be interesting to see if they are going to self-release songs, go under another company, stay with Interscope, ect. Maybe they want to take a more indie route this time around. I’m interested to see if they want to collaborate with anyone and also who they want to work with to produce the new material. Working on new music right now was seriously the last thing I was expecting from them though.

  10. Is there a presidential inauguration party of some sort? Obama will be inaugurated on 01/20…maybe they’re going to be performing?

    ND is obv. a favorite of the president…

    Just a thought!

  11. Simon, yes I’ve been wondering that too. I just don’t want them to think they are a failure or something. It was a good album. Not their best, but good.

    I’m thinking they’re with Interscope for the long hall. I’d like for them to branch out too. I think Gwen was TOO comfortable writing with just the guys. Maybe some pressure is what she needs to put together some good lyrics. I think it’s a really good sign that they’re back in the studio so soon. Inspiration must be returning! I’m also relieved because I was worried we’d have to wait a few more years (or longer) for more material LOL

  12. I agree with Amanda I thought I would wait really long for them to be in the studio are they making a new album a great Idea would be a album with all of the unreleased no doubt and gwen stefani songs hope no doubt tweet more about it soon like ASAP !!’lol

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