Tweet: Yummy Eos

Gwen Tweeted a gorgeous photo of herself this afternoon posing with yummy Eos lip balm. She looks fabulous!

8 Replies to “Tweet: Yummy Eos”

  1. Actually… she already had most makeup on by the time she took the picture. She had already applied foundation. You can note that by the pale color on her brows. Also, the makeup up on her eyes is complete.

  2. Do people put Chapstick on over their lipstick? Because in a lot of Christina’s Eos pics she is definitely wearing lipstick while holding the Eos to her face, and maybe that’s why Gwen decided not to put her lipstick on before taking the photo, cause it makes you look like you don’t know how to use Chapstick. Lol

  3. Doom, I think she’s advertising the product. She even linked @eos so I’m sure they’re paying her for this.

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