Tweet: Shooting with Sophie

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Another Tweet to make our minds wonder! Gwen shared a photo from this afternoon with the caption “shooting with Sophie”. We’re curious what the two ladies are up to… new photo shoot? Video? Or perhaps a new campaign for Quay Sunglasses?

We do know one thing though — those sunglasses are pretty rad.

@gwenstefani Shooting with Sophie. gx

@gwenstefani Sketches for my muffins. gx

8 Replies to “Tweet: Shooting with Sophie”

  1. I am 99.9% sure those are Quay Sunnies – they are a great company based out of Australia – she is being photographed in them a lot these days! What I am digging about this brand is the price point – they are not crazy expensive and for an accessory – I dunno – it’s fun to be able to play with eyewear and not have it cost you 150 everytime you change to an new pair (who can afford that anyways)…I know we can’t!

  2. Annoying. Quit with all of the teasing and tell us something No Doubt. They really need to quit with all of the “hints and “special web episodes”

  3. Those glasses look really funky! I like it, I never thought I’d compliment about glasses, Gwen is a great designer

  4. those are 100% quay sunnies (i own a few pairs of these, they are an aussie brand) and the little label on them says quay and that’s how they came when i purchased mine. maybe gwen’s doing a collaboration with them for a her own range or something? or has decided to sign on as a spokesperson since she’s always wearing the brand. they are cool sunnies and very affordable. however, snice i first bought them they went up in price when i saw them at a store with pics everywhere with gwen and other celebs wearing them.. i can understand a price increase again if gwen does a range, but hopefully it’s not massive.

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