Tweet: New L.A.M.B. Bags

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Gwen took to Twitter this afternoon to share a teaser photo of a few new L.A.M.B. bags from the upcoming Fall line! They look pretty neat and we’re excited to see what Titan Industries does with the collection.

@gwenstefani New L.A.M.B. bags. Need so bad! gx

11 Replies to “Tweet: New L.A.M.B. Bags”

  1. L.A.M.B used to be the best thing in the world but now not so much i think she needs to can all harajuku because it is pov and put more time into L.A.M.B and bring it back to the amazing it could be instead of letting it die a slow boring death

  2. I like Titan Ind. and some of the shoes they’ve been designing for Gwen but idk about these. They look like Jessica simpson stuff, and yeah not as appealing. I know the price point was going to be lower but doesn’t mean the bag can’t be cute. I try and keep in mind that family is her first responsibility so yeah- this proves you CAN’T have it all. something is going to suffer. In all honesty- I’d rather see her clothing line suffer rather than her marriage/family. I know she feeds off of our love but… but idk. I look forward to more cute stuff from her- snow gear, bags, shoes I know I can’t afford or even walk in….

  3. I haven’t bought any of the LAMB products simply cause I have never seen them in stores. But these bags look ugly anyways to be honest. I wish Gwen would just focus on music now.

  4. PS- maybe I’ll like other things in this season. And I know she can’t sing and be on the road forever with a family to maintain so I do encourage her to keep up the fashion stuff… just maybe concentrate on one or two things not 20 million. Gwen can do whatever she wants, whenever, and if she feels like it. I just hope whatever she does makes her happy.

  5. Well…I love anything Gwen magically infuses with her style….I have been a huge fan since 1996. So I saw the introduction of L.A.M.B. with LeSportSac…and didn’t buy till the end; but that stuff was great. And then L.A.M.B. was everywhere…Nordstrom; Bloomingdales; Saks…it was so exciting waiting for the new lines…especially with the bags and watches!!!! But little by little…it’s just declined. Its so sad, because I look back, and the bags used to have such great hardware; and were thick, and strong. And even though I still keep buying them (because I am a fan and loyal to Gwen), the bags now you buy with the expectation that they are going to fall apart at some point. And that is a shame. But I will stick with L.A.M.B. cause I love it and I am totally loyal. I wish the shoes would come down a few inches for more of us “soccer Moms”….who still want to wear cute L.A.M.B. clothes; but want to walk! And what happened to the Harajuku Lovers handbags….they used to be everywhere…all over Macys’, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales…all gone. It was a good run. And the best time to be a fan. To see all those cute items in the malls, and not just online. Keep it up Gwen….we’re still with you!!!!

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