Tweet: #NationalHatDay

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Gwen Tweeted a fabulous photo of herself this morning in honor of #NationalHatDay while wearing an “oldie but goodie”. She looks fantastic!

16 Replies to “Tweet: #NationalHatDay”

  1. Whoa, calling Gwen’s solo music “meaningless”? You can’t be serious… All of her solo work was so much more inspirational and creative than everything on P&S. Actually, I’d say that Gwen was pretty much ar her creative peak back around 2004/2005. Yeah, it was commercial and it did sell well, but still it was super creative.

    I’d rather have a new solo album full of “commercial meaningless songs” than all this “commercial meaningless” beauty products and clothes that other people are creating for Gwen and she only signs some contracts…

  2. As I’ve said many times, I’m a ND fan, not a Gwen fan. And yes, her solo was too sappy and commercial. As for P&S it sounded more like Gwen feat. ND than a ND album. Her solo work can be compared to her products, lot’s of other people involved in the writing, so it does not feel like her work with ND, there are too many hands on it, it’s not 100% her. I would say her creative peak was around ROS and RS and all after that it’s an attempt to sell records and make her a brand. It’s simply my view on things, so I don’t expect people to understand.

  3. I was a huge fan (and still love) everything about the solo eras. Obviously No Doubt is where my heart is, but I wouldn’t mind another album in the future. The way future but still.

  4. Well, sure her solo albums were very collaborative with many people contributing to it, but that’s just the way it had to be since Gwen isn’t a multi instrumentalist and a producer. You can’t blame her for needing help to record and produce a record. RS also had many different hands on it. Basically every song was produced/co-written by another producer, so what’s the difference to Gwen’s solo albums? What will you say once ND release their new stuff that was created with the help of all these producers? It sure won’t be 100% ND just like RS wasn’t.

    It’s okay if you don’t like Gwen’s solo stuff as a matter of personal taste, but your reasons don’t really make any sense.

  5. I’ve said it was my opinion only… you don’t have to agree or understand me. But at the end of the day, I rather have a ND album, but it’s clear they lost interest. I can live with that, most of the bands I adore are already retired. I just think it’s a bit early in the game for them. And the world is full of female pop singers, Gwen is just one more to the list and ND was somewhat different from the rest.

  6. Every time I see someone say “solo” I think of the 1000000000000 times Gwen has said:

    “I never went solo, I just wanted to make a dance record”

    I would be over the moon if she released another “dance record”

    I’m sure Tony would be laying down the bass, right?

  7. 1. Gwen is not — and never will be — just another female pop singer….she’s the best, so talented, so creative, so inspiring…

    2. Everything No Doubt and Gwen do is “magic”

    3. I love all the commercial and artistic success Gwen has accomplished. From Le Sport Sac, to Harajuku Lovers, L.A.M.B. watches, sneakers and clothes, Harajuku Mini, O.P.I., DWP…it is always exciting and I applaud her for having such a strong work ethic.

    4. Being a fan is not just about admiring an “album” or “latest single.” Gwen, Tony, Tom and Adrian are all incredible and exceptional individuals who balance family and personal achievements — like so many.

    And they deserve to enjoy their families after working so long.

    I guess I will never understand being a fan who just expects “artists” to be “machines” and not human beings.

    And Jenny and BSO are the best. This blog is always up on the latest for all things No Doubt.

    Keep up the great work!!!

  8. Really, guys you’re very boring to repeat the solo thing and bla bla bla… She said she never went solo again. End of the subject. Stop being annoying, guys.

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