Tweets: Malibu with Rachel Zoe (Updated)

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Gwen shared a photo with pal Rachel Zoe this afternoon of the two spending time together in Malibu. They both look fabulous!

12 Replies to “Tweets: Malibu with Rachel Zoe (Updated)”

    1. Rachel Zoe is a well known fashion stylist, clothing designer and reality TV star. She’s also a chief stylist for ShoeDazzle!

  1. Rachel Zoe probably looks quite normal and not bad at all for 42,
    It’s just that Gwen looks rather unbelievably good,
    when you compare the two, it doesn’t make Rachel Zoe look great for age..

  2. Zoe looks about right for her age honestly. I guess people are just getting desensitized to what a 40-something really looks like?

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