Tweets: Lunch with ‘Spike’ Stent

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Gwen Tweeted a nice photo of herself with Tony and Push and Shove producer and mixer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent this afternoon while having lunch at Crossroads Kitchen in Los Angeles.

Tony and Gwen also Tweeted their condolences for the passing of former South African President, Nelson Mandela.

10 Replies to “Tweets: Lunch with ‘Spike’ Stent”

  1. In the end if they want to work with him again it’s because they really liked the direction/production of the last album. So we should accept that! And if this means new music then I’m hella excited! 😀

  2. I just hope this meeting wasn’t something about music. No more Stent please… If they want to sound like Katy and Gaga so bad, why don’t they just pick their producers instead of Stent, who just copies that style?

  3. So what? Gaga and Katy have “bands” too in the studio and on tour playing the music for them. There’s no difference… Every single song on P&S could’ve been pulled of by Katy. Especially the production of “Undercover”, “Gravity”, “Easy” and “Undone” sound like something that could’ve been on Katy’s “Teenage Dream” album. Just take the instrumental of “Undercover” and imagine Katy singing the lyrics of “Last Friday night” over it.

    We all noticed how dramatically different SD and LH sounded when ND played them live. That’s the sound that is suitable for a band. On the studio versions you don’t even notice the “band” underneath all these effects, synths and piched vocals.

    The songs are good, but the production of P&S was a mess.

  4. yyy, I agree with you but don’t know why you bother arguing with ndlover, he always ends up contradicting himself anyway! I highly doubt this was anything to do with new music anyway unfortunately.

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