Tweets: Gwen’s Meeting For A New Project; OPI

Gwen Tweeted a lovely photo of herself this afternoon and shared she was on her way downtown for a meeting regarding one of her new projects. She couldn’t go in to details just yet but will reveal more when she can!

Gwen also posted a photo of her new fabulous L.A.M.B. boots calling them “good friends”.

It also looks like Gwen received a nice care package in the mail this afternoon from OPI with her new colors. The line launches in January and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

22 Replies to “Tweets: Gwen’s Meeting For A New Project; OPI”

  1. Lol at ppl thinking this will be a solo project. Maybe a feature on someone else’s track? Yes.
    I highly doubt she would put a solo project ahead of a No Doubt album right now. Remember that the promise of a new No Doubt album still stands.

  2. Wake up guys! According to US Weekly (the same source revealed that her third pregnancy in front of others), her solo project is just about LAMB. It has nothing with music. In addition, she has spoken in interviews last year her solo career is over.

  3. She just said the same when Love.Angel.Music.Baby was over, that there wasn’t going to be a new solo. NEWWWWWWWWWW SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLO COMINGGGG FOR YER NIGHTMARESSSSSSSSSSSS PPL! And i’m loving it if it’s true :p

  4. I think it would be weird for her to be doing a solo album right now, since the band was in the studio together earlier this year. Never know, but my guess is it’s a collaboration or something non-music related.

  5. Interesting how she’s more active this time around in her pregnancy…she usually takes it slow but it seems like she workin on some solo music collaborations n fashion stuff…

  6. I’m pretty sure this new project is just another collaboration with some beauty brand. It’s definitely nothing ND-related since Gwen refered to it as “one of my NEW projects” and ND isnt’ really something new. I also don’t think it’ll be solo music. So yeah… some new new make-up line with her face on the package, or maybe a job as a judge on American Idol lol.

  7. I really don’t understand why people seem to be convinced Gwen’s going solo again – Surely that would mean even more time away from the family than an ND project, where at least she shares some of the responsibility with the boys? A guest appearance on another artist’s song would be awesome though…

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