Tweets: Gwen Teases OPI Sneak Peek



Gwen teased fans on Twitter tonight asking if everyone would be interested in a sneak peek at her upcoming collection with OPI nail lacquers! And she looks gorgeous!

OPI announced the new collaboration back in early October and revealed seven new shades will be coming exclusively for Gwen in January 2014. We hope to see more about the collection soon!

12 Replies to “Tweets: Gwen Teases OPI Sneak Peek”

  1. Gorgeous. BUT…

    Make music, not products! As much as I love these collaborations, it would make a lot more sense if there was an album to promote in cohorts with the branding. Nail polish isn’t going to get me dancing, or help with a break up. Let’s get real, G.

    Love ya, mean it!

  2. I pray she collaborates with other artist while she is pregnant and in haitus. I hope she works on LAMB and harajuku lovers lol. Those brands needs a lil bit of resusitation hahaha

  3. ^ I guess yyy means the hairstyle and the headband. It’s similar to the one in the Looking Hot video. A bit Pocahontas.

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