Tweet: Gwen Teases New Instagram Account


Gwen revealed this morning on Instagram that herself and Gavin are expecting another little boy! Click here for more!

Very exciting! Gwen confirmed on Twitter tonight her new official Instagram account and hinted at sharing something tomorrow. Make sure to follow her for the latest!

And for all you Instagramers, make sure to follow all of these!

Gwen —
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9 Replies to “Tweet: Gwen Teases New Instagram Account”

  1. The idea that we all needed a post about the band on insta for Gwen’s baby announcement is lame. What about Tonys? Or Toms ski trips with the family? I like the girl but the fact she calls all the shots clearly…makes me over it.

  2. ALLIE, Gwen isn’t “calling all the shots”. She’s calling HER shots. Beacon Street Online is a forum for No Doubt AND Gwen Stefani news. Meaning…. band stuff or just her stuff.

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