Tweets: Gwen Picked Up Some Harajuku Mini For Coco; She Tweeted BSO!

How exciting! Gwen Tweeted this afternoon that she went to Target today to pick up some Harajuku Mini items for baby Coco! She also wants you to Tweet her photos of your little ones in Harajuku Mini! It’s so nice to hear from her — we miss No Doubt on Twitter so much!

HUGE THANK YOU TO GWEN FOR TWEETING US TONIGHT! We cannot express how much we appreciate the kindness from the band over the years! They inspire us everyday to keep up the website, which I have been happily running for almost 13 years! We love you so much, No Doubt!

@beaconstreet we love u guys gx
5 minutes ago

So fun reading all your tweets – love u guys – cant believe u r mine 🙂 gx
3 minutes ago

Please tweet me pix of your kids in harajuku mini – I wanna see!! Gx
1 minute ago

Harajuku mini is out!! I went to target this morning and bought clothes for coco!! So fun!! Gx
1 minute ago

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