Tweet: Gwen For #WatchHungerStop

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Gwen Tweeted a photo to raise awareness for #WorldFoodDay, a campaign with designer Michael Kors to help end poverty and world hunger. She looks fabulous and you can learn more about the incredible project at

11 Replies to “Tweet: Gwen For #WatchHungerStop”

  1. god gwen has amazing freakin eyebrows
    I wish she would do her own cosmetic line
    please gwen u could make stuff u love right down to makeup brushes
    must be so annoying with everyone sayin your preggo but its cause everyone loves u
    and we r dyin to see another gwen and gavin baby

  2. I really love Gwen and think she always always looks amazing, but I kinda hope she’s pregnant so that she tones it down with the Botox :/ she’s really got the ‘frozen’ expression where she can only pull one face. Please tone it down Gwen, you always look amazing!

  3. Love this, especially since she is infamously skinny and has been quoted on how when she diets, she skips meals, sometimes doesn’t eat all day. Still, good cause. Maybe she donates her skipped meals to those in poverty.

  4. I’m really worried about her weight…, she looks anorexic to me. Sorry. I miss the “healthy” Gwen Stefani.

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