Tweet: Gwen and Rachel’s #majormommymoment

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Out of respect for Gwen and her family, we here on the site have refrained from acknowledging all of the rumors regarding a third pregnancy, but good friend and fashionista Rachel Zoe has made it pretty official! Rachel shared this adorable photo on Twitter tonight of herself and Gwen posing with their growing mommy-tummys at last week’s Wallis Annenberg Center Gala in Beverly Hills.

Though an official announcement has yet to be made, we are so incredibly ecstatic for Gwen and the whole Rossdale family!

14 Replies to “Tweet: Gwen and Rachel’s #majormommymoment”

  1. Sorry for the body talk, but I find it extremely weird that Gwen and Rachel are that skinny while pregnant. How is that even normal?

  2. Many women stay rather thin during their pregancy. It’s not unusual, it’s genetic and of course it depends on what you eat and if you still work out (a bit) while being pregnant.

  3. R.I.P. No Doubt (hope I’m wromg} But this is Gwen’s time for her family. Let’s all wish for a healthy pregnancy and many happy years for all of them to come.

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