Tweet: Finishing Up a Week of Writing

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Neat! No Doubt Tweeted this afternoon a great photo of Tony and Gwen while mentioning the band is wrapping up a good week of writing new music. We’re wishing them all the best and we can’t wait to hear and find out what they are up to!

@nodoubt @gwenstefani @TonyKanal finishing up a good week of writing new songs

@gwenstefani hi muffins gx

@gwenstefani rainbow me gx

@gwenstefani songwriting days 4 @nodoubt send me your vibes gx

@gwenstefani gonna start tweeting more i promise gx

11 Replies to “Tweet: Finishing Up a Week of Writing”

  1. I wish they would tell us what they are up to… I’m tired of the games… It’s been 11 years of it LOL I’m impatient!!

    1. decisions like that are made by the label more than the artist. it is very disheartening though. but I can’t complain about more new no doubt music!

  2. as much as i am looking forward to hearing new music, i just really can’t believe they have dropped the last album. it only came out 5 months ago that was ten years in the making. so so tacky of them. why, because it didn’t chart well? there are a large handful of great songs on that album that, if released as singles, wouldn’t necessarily be hits but would gain them some much needed respect. interesting and well written songs that are awkward and nerdy but not trying to be cool or something they are not (edgy: looking hot, dancehall club cred: push and shove, 20 years old: settle down, push and shove, looking hot). maybe no doubt shouldn’t strive to be billboard top 10 anymore. who cares anyway? they have been there done that. rise above, rise above….
    i always asummed they were slightly more complex than that. i guess i am wrong.

  3. LOL yeah Amanda I agree. Don’t these pics look like some of the ones that they tweeted back when they started writing in 2010? So weird how the P&S era happened and yet it didn’t…

  4. I guess I’m feeling a little frustrated today. I’ve been questioning lately if they’re even my favorite band anymore (they are). I love them so much and I feel like I’m not getting enough in return. I know they don’t OWE me anything, but I would like SOMETHING. Just stop with the games at least! Was it Simon who had a quote in another thread comparing No Doubt to a lover who never calls you back or something? I wish I could remember the exact quote, but it was so true LOL

  5. It was actually a quote from another forum member that I saw (I never post on the forum though), but it’s totally true. Funny thing is that I always check BSO for updates on the band yet I really never listen to their music. Also other bands that I listen to all of the time I rarely even look up online, haha. I’m not going to be excited one bit about new music until I hear it, and I’m questioning even buying tour tickets this year unless they come out with some rockin’ new music. I sometimes think that I come here out of habit more than anything else.

  6. I’m with DOOM, I just can’t believe this era is over already. It probably couldn’t have been salvaged anyway, but it would have been nice if the record company would let them try. Or if they would try on their own… I think I just need to accept that, because of the children, they are not going to be the same band that I loved before they had kids. Obviously they have different commitments now and while I totally respect that family comes first, there’s a selfish part of me that wishes I could have the band from 10 years ago back! I’m sure I’ll get tomatoes thrown at me for being this honest, but I bet there are a few others who feel the same way.

  7. i agree with some of these comments, this does seem alittle pre p@s era post reunion tour, everything about this era ironically enough excluding the cd itself has been done wrong, writing so soon when they have not even performed enough of these songs yet, this speaks volumes to me like they are looking to much at what the mainstream thinks these days about not being to popular right now. how about who cares you fans like the album and that is what should count not anyone else.

  8. This sounds really sad, but it feels like ND are actually the ones, who are not really into this album… The same thing happened with RoS after it didn’t do that well and now they ignore it. I guess that’s what’s going to happen with P&S too: Never mention it again and never play it live again.

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