Tweets: Tony and Gwen Making Music

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Tony has been Tweeting photos of Gwen this afternoon and shared that the two are back in the studio to write a song. After lunch of course.

@tonykanal Studio session done for the night. A trail of teacups left in @gwenstefani’s wake

@gwenstefani Studio bliss gx

@tonykanal In the studio with @gwenstefani we’re about to write a song. After lunch though 🙂

@tonykanal Making music @gwenstefani @nodoubt

4 Replies to “Tweets: Tony and Gwen Making Music”

  1. I’m so curious to what these songs are about…
    If they’re going in a different direction, then I guess that could suggest the subject of their songs will change?!?!

  2. Yes, I imagine it will be less ”heart-on-their-sleeve” and more spontaneous and varied. I think when you have writers block, as the band did, it usually limits your versatility and creativity as an artist.

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