‘Truth’ Tour Rehearsals with Eve

Tour mate and collaborator Eve posted a rad new photo from live rehearsals with Gwen! Gwen shared that she had been rehearsing “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” in her own rehearsals earlier this month (and we’re crossing our fingers for a “Rich Girl” duet, too!)

They both seem so excited for the upcoming tour like all of us which kicks off in less than a month on July 12 in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Tickets are now on sale for all shows at Livenation.com.

6 Replies to “‘Truth’ Tour Rehearsals with Eve”

  1. Can’t wait for Tampa. I need to hear “you’re my favorite” and “where would I be”.

  2. Exciting! I can’t wait to hear more details about the setlist. I’m also wondering what’s in store for the LA shows, if anything. Am I remembering correct that she had ND come out on the last stop of her Sweet Escape tour?? Maybe thats too much to hope for…

  3. I’m just glad that Eve is actually promoting the tour finally ! For a while , I was like …um when is she gonna do some promoting ? Get those ticket sales boosted!

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