‘Truth’ Tour Coverage: Opening Night in Mansfield, Massachusetts

Photo courtesy of Tim Tai
Photo courtesy of Tim Tai

It’s here! Gwen kicked off her new This Is What the Truth Feels Like live tour in Mansfield, Massachusetts tonight and treated fans to an almost two-hour show featuring hits from her three albums as well as a few surprising and familiar tracks. Fans all around the world were fortunate to be able to tune into a live stream of the full show courtesy of Yahoo and LiveNation TV.

The show started off with technical difficulties with Gwen’s microphone but she handled it like a pro. Like she had mentioned in a previous interview, the stage was toned down for the tour and featured four costume changes throughout the show reflective of her style as of late designed by Rob + Mariel. Not too elaborate, but Gwen’s stage presence, personality and her music made up for it. We enjoyed some of the instrumentals being spruced up a bit and we’re still not over just how cool new tracks “Obsessed” and “Asking 4 It” sound live. Gwen also debuted both “Rare” and “Truth” during the set and removed “Send Me A Picture” which we thought was one of the strongest new songs during her set this past weekend in San Diego.

Most surprisingly, Gwen performed four No Doubt songs during the set including “Hella Good”, “It’s My Life”, “Don’t Speak” and “Just a Girl”. These moments definitely stood out as highlights from the set gauging from the crowd’s reactions. We hope she adds a little more depth to the set possibly by adding a few more tracks from The Sweet Escape (with only “Wind It Up” and the “The Sweet Escape” unfortunately making it in.) We could see her switching up sets throughout the shows like she did on previous tours.

Another standout moment was Eve; she rocked the stage with Gwen for both “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” and “Rich Girl” back-to-back which was a rad serving of nostalgia.

We feel extremely proud and excited for Gwen as she heads out on the road! Her vocals were top-notch and we know that she’s only going to get stronger as the tour progresses. Did we also mention that she looked absolutely incredible?! We’ll be sharing highlights and updates on the tour throughout the summer.

Make sure to grab your tickets on LiveNation.com.

Set list

7/12/2016 — Mansfield, Massachusetts — Xfinity Center
Red Flag / Wind It Up / Baby Don’t Lie / Obsessed / Where Would I Be? / Cool / Make Me Like You / Danger Zone / Misery / Luxurious / Harajuku Girls / Let Me Blow Ya Mind (feat. Eve) / Rich Girl (feat. Eve) / Hella Good / Rare / What You Waiting For? / It’s My Life / Asking 4 It / Don’t Speak / Naughty / Used To Love You / Hollaback Girl // Truth / Just a Girl / The Sweet Escape



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174 Replies to “‘Truth’ Tour Coverage: Opening Night in Mansfield, Massachusetts”

  1. So I don’t want to be too much of a downer but I’m going to be honest I was disappointed. Setlist was quite random and all over the place. The worst part for me was the No Doubt songs and their random placings in the setlist. (Seriously who put Don’t Speak in between asking 4 it and naughty). I didn’t mind Hella Good but as soon as she did Its My Life I was upset then as she did Don’t Speak and Just a Girl I was really upset. Just had a weird feeling that it didn’t feel right. Especially when she didn’t do solo gems like 4 in the morning, Early Winter, wonderful life or send me a picture. It just rubbed me the wrong way so I’m hoping she only did them for the opening night.
    Secondly I was disappointed in the costumes. The Mastercard show ones were wayyy better. These all look similar and would suit a No Doubt show much better (I was secretly hoping for hollaback marching band outfit or alice in wonderland dress) and lastly I know the production wasn’t going to be big but some of the background videos looked super cheap or were non existent. I thought she would have filmed a lot more than what she did.
    But now for the good parts. I actually like red flag as opener and the nice little intro video. Not sure if I like wind it up right after it since I view it as one of her worst solo songs. I also thought rare and obsessed sounded great. Was pleasantly surprised to see danger zone it always rocks live. Truth is a great song though it was a lil rough tonight I’m glad she’s performing it. I’m really surprised she’s doing Harajuku Girls and I wouldn’t be surprised if it got cut after tonight just by seeing the crowd reactions. The best part of the show for me was when Eve came on with Gwen. They both rocked rich girl and let me blow ya mind! Personally I think that should be the encore songs instead.
    Overall not nearly as good as the sweet escape tour or harajuku lovers tour but I’m hoping it will improve. I was bummed I never got tickets but now I’m kind of glad. There’s a lot of room to improve and maybe it will turn out great 🙂

    1. Lisa, didn’t see yours before I wrote mine but it looks like we agreed on a lot. Only the last outfit really worked for me and I love the idea of the marching band outfit! In that big of an arena, as they all are she is playing in, I think it does need bigger and more impactful videos and the closeup screens of her to the right and left were very small, but that may be venue driven, Song choice and placement I found myself questioning and would drop the Harajuku girls too. I too was wanting Early Winter and it was heavily requested when she asked what everyone wanted, also wanted 4 in the morning.

      1. Yeah the show is really missing a dress and a one piece outfit. I think what you waiting for should be the second song. It would really get the crowd pumped and excited. Also during what you waiting for, the background video sucked. I remember in the first Mastercard show she had a really cool one with actual shots of her and rose bushes. Wonder what happened to it..and something else I forgot to mention is make me like you is still so bland live. That was my bathroom break!

      2. I think you need to relax and stop being so critical!! This woman is doing what she loves to do, and has been sticking with it for how many years??! She’s an artist, and we need to not rip her apart but support her. If you’re expecting this to be ND 1995, sorry that was No Doubt and Gwen in 1995. 2016 is a different story whether you like it or not. Just appreciate it, enjoy it, and relaxxxxx

    2. Fair comments Lisa (and Jill). I still thought it was a very solid effort overall considering this is the first show of the tour and that this is her first tour in 7 years! Obviously there are things to tweak and hopefully there’ll be improvements as the tour rolls on. One thing to bear in mind is most of us were watching a web cast on a screen in our homes or whatever. The actual experience in the concert venue is exponentially bigger and better. Mindful of that, I paid extra attention to the audience responses (lots of crowd shots) and I genuinely got the impression the crowd was digging the show. I agree with Jenny that she’ll rotate songs and play around with the set-list some to include everyone’s favorites at one point or other. Plenty of tour left to go. The video backdrops were fine for me, as I feel confident Sophie may yet add to them (as she has done with the evolving one for MMLY). I thought the cool configuration of the multi-piece main screen made for a nice technological centerpiece for the minimalist industrial set. The set and staging worked for me. Very sleek, very 2016. The wardrobe I actually liked a lot though, but that’s mainly because I personally prefer tough girl, tom boy, edgy Gwen over Hollywood glamour girl Gwen (this might be the NoDoubter forever in me). The first 3 outfits blurred the lines between hard and soft, and also the lines between No Doubt Gwen and solo Gwen (perhaps, after all this time, it’s finally time to blur those lines?). The last outfit was more in keeping with her solo phase, and I liked that one too. Whenever she wears Doc Martens, she can do no wrong by me. 🙂

      1. These outfits are very much true to herself and, with that said, true to her ND eras! She wants this tour to be the real her, there’s no faux art project here, just Gwen doing Gwen! 😀

      1. Door opened at 7:00pm, Eve performed from about 7:30-8:00 and Gwen cam on at 8:30 and molded till about 10:30

  2. Great vocals, great stage presence, and looks fab! I would take some songs out and add some others, but I will have to look at the entire set and think about it. Happy that Cool and Truth were included!
    I missed seeing bigger screens just for the impact, but I guess it was her idea to simplify and make it more intimate and about the music.
    I would eliminate the second outfit and replace it with something more stagey.
    Loved her last outfit and wish they had done a T shirt like that to sell.
    Overall a great show and can’t wait to see it live!

    1. Fab review, Jill. And yes, Blond Rebel t-shirts would sell like hot cakes! Make it happen, Gwen management people!

  3. I’m still in shock she is performing No Doubt tracks on this tour….I feel like they are randomly added to pull the audience back into the groove. I would prefer if she maybe told a story and reflected on the ND songs and performed then back to back. I am going to 5 shows so I’ll be there supporting G.

  4. Heavily disappointed in her performing the ND tracks solo. Heavy heart hearing those. With 3 albums to choose from, it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s a solo show. I walked out when JAG started playing.

    First half of the show was good for me, went downhill after Hella Good.

    Dancers during Luxurious had me laughing. It was a little much.

    Outfits and production were fine.. Wanted more from the song choices. The obvious fails hurt the most.

      1. They did upgrade some people’s seats and move them down. It seemed like 70% or so full to me. At least 10k people.

    1. If No Doubt is never going to play their songs together again (who knows, could be the reality) wouldn’t you rather hear them from Gwen than not at all? I was surprised to hear them, but I got over it.

      I was there and thought it was amazing. In person, live, she did an amazing job. She has so much energy and put 100% into it. She enjoyed it and wasn’t just going through the motions. That deserves some credit.

    1. Check the article above. There should be two embedded videos and the full show is the second one (below the BTS teaser one).

  5. I think it looked like a pretty rad, awesome, tear-jerking show (because Gwen is my Queen, not Beyonce.) I don’t see anything wrong with placing classic ND songs on there; they are favorites, so why not? I like the choice of Red Flag as a start (one of my favs on TIWTTFL) and I love Wind It Up–such a guilty pleasure! I agree that I might rearrange some of the set, but lets not forget we aren’t the professionals putting it together. Also, I loved that she included Obsessed and Rare (not too disappointed she left out Send Me a Picture as it’s one of my least new favorites). Let’s not also be quick to judge–this is her first tour in so many years! I would like to hear others, such as more from the Sweet Escape, but this still looks great.

  6. This is definitely the most random era ever. Sadly it shows that they had zero budget and no concept for this tour. Compared to her previous solo tours everything from the stage to the outfits just looks cheap and random imho. I feel sorry for all the fans that actually paid the full price for any of the upcoming conerts.

    I don’t think it is a big deal that she is performing ND material, but it just shows how random this new solo era is.

  7. whether it is random or not, shes still doing it, and we gotta be glad, coz she could easily be at home, with her kids, watching tv, leaving us behind, like nothing.

    we got new music, videos and tour, u can not expect more.

    @yeahyeahyeah u aint obliged, to follow her, not to pay for her concert, take or it leave it. dats it.

    1. Thank you. I’m so happy to see her live again. I don’t care about the costumes and all the dramatics. Just glad to see gwen on tour again and loving she threw in a few no doubt songs. It’s sad they didn’t tour for the latest album but now we get gwen and so many are complaining. Come on she does so much for the fans show some support.
      Such and awesome show what I caught and I can’t wait to see her when she comes thru. So excited

  8. I think only the hardcore fans would mind she’s playing ND songs without the boys. The general public, radio stations and stuff and casual fans wouldn’t notice her blending old and new. And probably a lot of people want to hear old over new, and that’s why she’s doing it.

    That said, its weird that the boys are making music and gwen is touring ND music. Like…this is obviously a very active musical time for them all, they just aren’t doing it together.

    1. I agree with you on both points. The stars didn’t align for them working together this time around, but that doesn’t mean they won’t in the future tough. I know it doesn’t seem very likely from where we currently stand, but maybe these solo and side projects will end with them realizing their best work is the work they do together. Oddly enough, hearing the ND songs and seeing the first 3 outfits had me thinking you can take the girl out of No Doubt, but never all the No Doubt out of the girl.

    2. I honestly thought it was an unspoken rules that Gwen doesn’t perform ND songs without the guys. That really made me sad that she is doing that. Hopefully she takes that out and puts in more sweet escape!!! (By the way, Obsessed and Red Flag are my new favourite songs! They sound so good live!)

  9. It’s a mixed feeling for me because I’m glad that No Doubt songs are getting performed still and that the music is still spread to the fans and perhaps new fans.
    But it also feels like a kind of betrayal. Gwen was so adamant at the start of her solo career that it would be a totally seperate thing from the band, a ”side project” and now the lines are being blurred. To me, if a solo artist performs group songs that’s like saying ”I AM the band”. Never mind the 28 years of history, and all the pains and struggles of ALL the members involved to get No Doubt to the top and make Gwen a star…

  10. :O why Gwen, why!???? ND songs without the guys?? 🙁 It is so weird… I just hope it is a strategy to become new fans for ND

  11. I’m so glad the blond punk is back. THAT’S the girl I missed! I thought a pop princess had taken over and Gwen had disappeared forever.

  12. I definitely understand what you guys are saying. I think for me, as Rose Marie said, it felt like a total betrayal. It’s totally principle for me when it comes to doing something that bold.

    It felt weird to be so upset about it, but all I could think of was the guys. Don’t get me wrong, I love Gwen but I don’t put her on a pedestal. I literally wanted to yell, “What are you doing?!” Haha

    I am happy she is finally happy but I just wish it wasn’t at the expense of blurring those lines of her solo work and the band. I can only imagine what Tony, Tom and Adrian are thinking. Then again, maybe they gave the ok. Who knows?

    After leaving the show I got this sinking feeling that ND are most likely done. I could be wrong, but I just have a hunch. Will def be supporting the guy’s new project. They had immense patience in waiting for Gwen. I hope they too find a new found happiness.

    1. They gave the OK, when you perform music for profit, the song writters need to approve and receive royalties if they are not the performers. But is still sad to me. She once vowed not to do so, but things changed and by the end I was already expectin Blake to pop up on stage.

      1. Yeah, although technically the other guys don’t have writing credits on Don’t Speak or It’s My Life.

    2. I agree. In some senses I get why the ND songs were played, but it also felt like a betrayal to me.

      YYY I do agree that to the casual fan, Gwen IS No Doubt. But we, of course, know better. I know she must have gotten permission to perform the songs, but it still felt weird to see her performing those songs without the guys.

  13. Well, the truth is Gwen IS No Doubt. All the other members could be replaced and nobody except hardcore fans would care, but Gwen is the voice, face and soul of ND. Those songs are her feelings and her vocals. Any guitar player can play the chords of Don’t Speak, but only Gwen can bring the song to life, because she actually lived it.

      1. Wow, you’re right!

        The guys aren’t replaceable to me and are part of what makes the songs “come alive” for me. They all bring their own talent, style, personality and energy to the group. I understand that many are more of a Gwen fan than a ND fan and that’s fine. I’ll just be over here…in my corner…missing the guys LOL

        1. I was only referring to the general public, though. Of course I wouldn’t want the guys to be replaced, because like you say all four of them make ND for me. I have mixed feelings about Gwen doing ND songs, but I think she really has the right to do those songs and I guess the general audience doesn’t care if the boys are there or not.

    1. No, the truth is that without Tom Dumont, Tony Kanal, Adrian Young and Eric Stefani, Gwen would just be a soccer mom. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a soccer mom. I don’t think women, mothers and wives get enough respect in this society and it’s sad that everyone of them is supposed to have a career or they are looked down upon, it is quite disgusting. What else is quite disgusting, is what you just said.

      Without the music, which is the soul of No Doubt, Gwen is just another pretty chick in Southern California. She couldn’t have gone into another band and been a huge success. Her success lies in the music, the emotion, the songwriting and the Heart and Soul of No Doubt, which is inside of Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, Adrian Young and Eric Stefani. Why don’t you pick up a guitar, a bass, a keyboard and some drums and see what you come up with? Gwen didn’t write any of that music, except for one, maybe two pieces at best. The energy, the groove, everything else was created by everyone except for Gwen. Gwen isn’t even a musician or a great vocalist. She is quite blessed that she got to work with some of the best musicians to have ever come out of the pop rock era since the 50s.

      Unfortunately most people in mass mainstream society are brainwashed and don’t know what they are talking about. It’s a great tactic and a way to stay dominating an entire culture. Those in this country are really good at it. Maybe we should all go rent The Matrix and try to unplug?

      The best way to not be a complete fool this day and age is to realize that we are all fools.

      That being said, it is completely heartbreaking that she is performing No Doubt songs without No Doubt. However I am glad that she is exposing No Doubt music to new people and allowing others to connect with it as well. I guess they were right though, it is a Tragic Kingdom. 😐

      A wise man (Tom) once told me to “Try to focus on the positive, it helps.”

      One Love,

  14. I think I’m probably late to this conversation so I apologize if you already mentioned this. In regards to her playing no doubt song, does anyone know if the tweet from Tom the day after her playing ND in France was referring to that? He tweeted a heartbreak + sad face and then later commented that he’s over it and moving onward.

    1. Not sure, but fans thought it was about that and tweeted their support.
      Was wondering if thats why Gabe walked out of her band.

        1. No, Katie, Gabe didn’t leave in any kind of controversial fashion. She confirmed her tour very late in the game (probably because of the situation with the kids and the then still pending custody situation) and some of the band members who were with her throughout the promo phase, like Gabe and Eva Gardner (bassist), had in the meantime committed to other projects on the horizon. These people have mouths to feed and probably waited on Gwen for as long as they could hold out. Every summer is touring heaven and jobs galore for professional musicians of their caliber, all of whom are very much in demand this time of the year (even more so this year, what with the glut of tours currently running). Gabe eventually committed to Tegan & Sara for their current world tour, and Gardner returned to Pink to support her promo for Just Like Fire. Not sure about the previous drummer and guitarist. Her current band had their first playing appearance at the RDMAs, with the four having been replaced sometime before then. Stephen has been the one constant this era.

          1. I’m curious though about Valley of the King’s gig at the OC Fair on August 14… that is the same day Gwen performing in Woodlands.

          2. Yikes, you’re right! I suppose they could hire a replacement for the night, probably someone recommended by Stephen himself, and the new guy with the Afro could take over the horn parts… but there’ll be no Asking 4 It… 🙁 unless Eve could step in and do her version of the slurry wap! 🙂

  15. I’m ok with Gwen perfoming ND song without the boys (since her solo career is irrelevant and she hasn’t enough hits to perform) but please, put your heart into it when you’re doing it. Remember Gwen, you’re different and people respect you because of those songs, not because your crappy solo stuff, got it? HG, IML, DS and JAG are basically better than her whole solo career. It’s sad because last night she made those songs sound like souless, meaningless and stupid oldie hits (HG and IML were ok but DS and JAG were both embarrassing and depressing) a little bit disrespectful for the band

  16. Just to add to my last post, to clarify, Gwen can sing those songs because she wrote the lyrics… But why do it? I think that’s what some of us are trying to get at There are other ways to open up new fans to ND… I think last night was in bad taste. Hope that makes sense


  17. I’ve just finished to watch the entire show and WOW It was f*ckin fantastic! The setlist was great! And She was pure energy and love. I love how she sang UsedToLoveYou feeling every single word of the song. Simply amazing! I hope they can come to SouthAmerica with this tour. We miss her here!

  18. Remember when you were in high school and a teacher gave you an assignment due the next month and you kept postponing it until it’s one day before you had to present it so you stayed up all night doing it but you ended up presenting a crappy work? Well it kinda feels this tour is that assignment. I am not calling it crappy but messy. Messy setlist, messy outfits, messy everything, anyway I hope it gets better as the tour progresses. Oh and btw I’m so mad at her for performing No Doubt songs, it feels like a betrayal.

  19. To be honest I thought she did very well …. red flag seemed a little blah to me but the no doubt songs in the set were great I think she added them to this tour because they lyrics fit in you figure dont speak is about breaking up its my life hella good and just a girl are her impowerment songs

  20. It’s strange being a new ND fan. I found ND because I loved Gwen as a solo artist. But here’s the new fan problem: some of us weren’t of age when ND used to tour or play shows regularly so have never seen them perform. Now that I have come to love their music, ND fans tell me that Gwen playing ND songs is not right. But what about the people that have discovered ND music and would love to hear it live? ND fans will always say solo Gwen isn’t as good as ND Gwen, but they don’t want Gwen to perform ND either. What gives?! At this point, ND is probably never playing together again. With the boys working on a new project, isn’t Gwen kind of the only one keeping ND’s music alive? Could you please let her? I for one, would love to hear those songs and if Gwen singing them without the boys is the only way i can get that, so be it!

    1. I feel the same Saba …loved “everything” about the concert (except Harajuku Girls song) . I (regret) that I never went to a No Doubt concert and so feels like a gift that we get to experience it now by one of ND band members in live time …Keeps NDs songs alive and current . Besides, what if they never tour again? Then we would look back and wish she would’ve just sung it one more time .as a nod to ND when she toured..or at least that’s how I feel. You see other bands doing covers of songs from time to time in concerts ..why not GS herself for her bands song? I am thrilled she is singing a collage of songs and she has some of her ska and “rebel blond” back and oh, and I also loved her outfits (especially the first and last). Thanks GS. Made my evening …great performance .

      1. I decided I do like the first outfit without the jacket and the last outfit. The second outfit was so drab and unexciting, definitely lose that one. The third green was that for Boston since a lot of Irish? Would lose that one too, and do what Lisa said a marching band one and many a short dress with sparkles.
        Going to suggest again for the Blond Rebel with the heart to be a t shirt to buy!

  21. Did you guys see Tom’s twitter post and instagram comments from a few hours ago? Not sure what to make of it… :/

    1. Just saw it! Read like he meant it, he will not make a statement and prefers peace and quiet on the subject. 🙂
      So sad that the Shefani and Gwen (only) fan crowd has jumped to his throat for his response calling his tweet shady and unnecessary. Dude is only trying to keep to himself and people are out for blood and start drama.

  22. His reply on twitter : “This was her choice, which she has every right to. & I have the right to my opinion about it – which I’m gonna keep private.”

    On instagram: “thanks for your thoughtful note, I respect your point of view. this is a challenging subject and out of respect for our fans and my band are who’ve been my friends for the past 28 years, I’ll keep my opinions to myself, and let everyone have their own opinions based on your own feelings, not mine. ”

    https://www.instagram.com/p/BHzldwvDi2X/?taken-by=tomdumontnd (scroll down a bit)

  23. tomdumontnd: @pchorsedoc thanks for your thoughtful note, I respect your point of view. this is a challenging subject and out of respect for our fans and my band are who’ve been my friends for the past 28 years, I’ll keep my opinions to myself, and let everyone have their own opinions based on your own feelings, not mine. ��☮��

  24. So he really is commenting by saying he is going to reserve commenting. Saying it is a “challenging subject” appears to be subtle shade, that’s what some fans were upset about.
    I think many Gwen fans hope she gets back with the band and see this as just a tour that goes with her album which she has said over and over is unexpected and she can’t believe all this is going on. Don’t see why it has to be all or none.

  25. Thought about this some more. Theory: Playing ND songs will def sell more tickets. Remember poor ticket sales this tour?? I believe that was also the reason for the live stream. To help the following dates with sales.

    ND played festivals last year… That was awesome! More of that.

    I get that sometimes you get desperate to save face. However, the promoters should have done smaller venues, more reasonable ticket prices, earlier/better promotion and a more current opener. To think Gwen could sell out arenas at this point was a little too far-fetched. Only my opinion of course. 😉

    I just saw Tom’s post and I hear a bit of a riff. Pun intended! I am actually surprised he said anything about it. I think he handled it a-ok.

  26. Saba, as a newer fan you may see Gwen performing these songs as her “keeping ND alive”, but for those of us who know the bands history, we know that she is actually the one who kept the band from recording and touring in the past. The boys are doing their own project now because as I see it, they got tired of waiting for her to be done with her solo stuff. She’s said they grew apart in their musical influences, but her performing these songs shows me she’s not done with that style of music, she’s done with them. I’m sorry you missed seeing ND live. If Gwen wasn’t so focused on her solo career, tv career, and endorsements, you probably could have seen them live still. Who knows what the future holds, the band isn’t dead. But her doing these songs isn’t a “ND tribute” of any kind. Maybe had she said something like “So sad they couldn’t be here tonight, but here’s a throwback just cuz I love these songs” or something….. But she didn’t. She’s playing it off like those songs are her’s and hers alone, which to a lot of us is disrespectful to ND.

    1. Right! Who needs ND when you can just play the songs on your own? :*( I don’t see any reunion happening. If it does and there is an album, it will be a Christmas miracle.

      She is full blown solo at this point…. RIP NxD. Hope I am wrong. <3

    2. Hmm…thanks for taking the time to explain. I see your point, perhaps if she included ANY sort of acknowledgement of ND, things could be better.

    3. Just because she likes that style of music doesn’t mean her and Tony agree on what type of production to do currently. How do you know that he didn’t want to do a different type of music than typical No Doubt stuff? None of us really know what’s going on in their personal lives, so I feel like many fans are reading way too much into this.

      1. I’m just speculating. Just like you, and everyone else here. On this fan forum, where we are supposed to speculate and discuss, lol. ?????

        1. I wasn’t speculating, I was just giving other possibilities. I’m not saying not to discuss anything, but when you’re reading the worst in something, I don’t think it’s that great. Like she probably just assumed everyone there knew which songs were No Doubt songs, I don’t think she was trying to make it seem like they weren’t No Doubt songs…I don’t know how it’s disrespectful for her to be playing those songs. The other members didn’t even write most of the ones she did.

    4. Agreed!

      I just find it weird that in one or two interviews Gwen said she didn’t care how the music would sound like for this album, that she wasn’t focused on any particular music direction. All she wanted was to tell the thuth, her journey.

      So I think it was a little controversial when she stated her and Tony grew apart in their influences once she said before she wasn’t worried about the kind of music for her new album. Does it make sense or am I crazy? lol

      I don’t know.. It’s all so confusing. And now she’s playing these ND songs. Sometimes I really don’t what to think..

  27. I agree with Jill, Dywer, LAMB, Helena, Sabrina, Rachel, Len, Moro, Saba, Keeppositive, and everyone else who posted in support of the tour and Gwen’s first #Truth show. I’m just really happy there’s a tour at all and that I’ll get to hear these songs live at least three more times (am going to 3 shows, maybe one more if stars align) before this is all said and done. What I saw last night, beyond a shadow of a doubt for me, was that she sang and performed her heart out, which must have been incredibly exhilarating (and cathartic) for her and by extension, the many thousands who attended. You go, #BlondRebel! One down, 27 more shows to go, 27 more opportunities to reach out and bond with your fans, both old and new (and to convert yet newer ones)!

    Speaking of which and staying in the positive vein, first stop on the tour and the album is already back in the iTunes Top 100 (currently 74 and climbing). Congratulations, Gwen. Now go climb that crazy mountain (but stay safe doing it). This is what the truth feels like, and this is why you do a tour! 🙂

  28. It was so sad to see Gwen trying to remember the lyrics of Just A Girl during the whole song… I didn’t feel what she was singing, no energy, no heart, whatever. But as I said before, I think it’s a good idea to play ND songs. On the other hand, I have to say Tom should be grateful because if Gwen didn’t play ND songs, people wouldn’t be talking about the band today. I feel that Tom became an attention hoe or something like that.

    1. I really didn’t notice that at all about Just a Girl and I was there lol maybe I was too busy dancing.

    2. Clearly Gwen is the one that is an attention ho, not Tom. It worries me that they allow people like you to walk the streets free.

  29. Wow I think everyone is getting a little too crazy about her singing no doubt songs. Who knows if no doubt will ever sing together again so why not her sing the songs we all love to hear. I will take any songs I can get whether they are Gwen solo or no doubt songs. I was actually excited she sang them. How can anyone be pissed to hear these amazing songs live? I don’t want to wait till no doubt tours again to hear these songs. It may never happen.

  30. Gwen performing ND songs BREAKS my fucking heart. Fans where already making excuses. THIS to me 110% proves theyre not on the best of terms. Gwen doesnt need approval from the guys to sing songs SHE wrote. Im soooooooo glad Tom spoke up!!!! She always said her solo work was completely separate from ND and would never mix the two. Its totally disrespectful to the band that made her. and makes me question her artistic integrity…..20+ years as a devoted supporter this hurts 🙁

  31. I guess his is REALLY What the TRUTH FEELS like your LOL. Bottom line, she’s still going through a lot. Just love her and them. Real friends/fans don’t choose sides and just understand no matter what. Let’s all cheer up here and not be the fans that we wouldn’t want to have.

  32. I was there and it was great! Lol, all these No Doubt purists are so upset. I also don’t know why people feel personally attacked that she didn’t have more dresses and video backdrops, like it’s her life! (no pun intended) Shouldn’t a music show be about the music? The set was great! It was random and I’d probably change around a few if I was in charge of it, but I understand that it’s her decision and not mine to complain about her outfits or what order she sang some songs in on the internet on a site that is supposed to be full of her fans. The setlist order did seem pretty random, but I mean her musical career is also all over the place genre wise so it’s hard to avoid that to some extent imo.

  33. Good on Tom for handling this well. Of course he has a negative opinion about it but it’s smart of him not to put it in writing where it would sting forever and possibly come back to haunt them. it’s not easy in this day and age to share your feelings without being crucified.

  34. A set list just leaked (for tonight’s show in Toronto apparently – the Microsoft one?) and she’s performing UIA… Setting aside the big (perennial) ND vs. Solo Gwen debate, imo that’s actually a song that will sit well alongside her some of solo songs, e.g. WWIB, SMAP, TSE, even BDL… Actually, I’ve always thought of Rocksteady as sort of the perfect transition album from ND to Solo Gwen (almost as if they, or she, planned it as such).

      1. Thanks for adding the set lists Jenny!

        Now UIA too??! I give up… haha

        This is kiiiinda getting out of control. At this rate when the tour wraps up it will be all ND songs! :O

  35. Everyone has good points and “feelings” (as Tom said on IG) – I hate all this drama. I just want to be happy for her and enjoy her happiness. It looks like an amazing show. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I only wish that the band as a whole or G herself would somehow acknowledge the drama by making the truth a little clearer for fans.

    1. I so agree! HATE this drama too! I want to be happy for Gwen right now because she is happy, is absolutely killing it on stage and is back to doing what she loves. Then I want to be happy and supportive of all the guys whenever they release their new music. It’s naive, I know, but I just want everyone to get along and my memory of ND as my favorite close knit, rock group to remain a happy one!

  36. I have never seen more press about dismal ticket sales in my entire life. Where did this originate from and why and how did this get wings and still going on? Huge headlines and now with the Boston Globe and review it is now a bad show. So look for that to take off as the headlines now. I just can’t with this cause I have no memory of anyone’s concert getting so blasted with the poor ticket sales headlines, unfairly in spite of a full Boston venue.
    Perez Hilton is out of control with this as well as CB but it is not just the gossip bloggers it the mainstream press too.
    No wonder Blake took to twitter to show the big crowd size an essentially say yes believe your eyes not what you are hearing and reading. Also said he wishes he could get that size crowd for a concert on a Tuesday night.
    Regarding Blake….he is a big part of her life and totally supportive and some here and other places have unfairly criticized him as being maybe the cause of any difficulties there may be with ND.
    Fans should be happy for her, she is happy and that is with him. He is traveling and supporting her thru at least this first leg of her tour. He surprised her, the crew, dancers and musicians with a lobster food truck after the Boston concert. Gwen was so touched it looked like she was going to cry on the snapchat of it.
    Doing a duet with him at her concert out of line ? Why? It is a good duet, their voices blend nicely and and it went to number one on the charts. I’m sure she asked him to do it in Boston but he wanted it to be about her. Gwen and Blake’s duet is so much better than Demi Lavato’s and Brad Paisleys, IMHO.
    Anyway no one is selling out concerts but Beyonce. Rihanna isn’t. But jeeze I just wonder if anyone else is even touring this summer cause I have yet to read anything about anyone else’s concert.

    1. Perez Hilton report so far is the closest to the truth. They filmed the back of the venue and it was empty, everybody was moved to front row to make the broadcast. Blake’s photo had nothing to do with how many people were there or how packed it was, it was about the energy of the moment. They are not picking on Gwen exclusively, I’ve seen the same reports on other tours, even one on Beyonce.

  37. I don’t know what did you expect people? Gwen and her team didn’t promote the tour… You can’t promote a tour with a single like Misery… (They didn’t even send it to radio stations). She needs to release a new upbeat and fun single and make a new killer music video.

    1. I think Misery was released to radio. It’s charted on the Adult Pop Songs chart which is an airplay chart.

  38. Yeah I don’t see how the press is unfair or anything and the negative reviews are no surprise. This tour is a huge flop and everybody already knew it would be months ago when sales were slow and they didn’t bother to promote it.

    The first show that got streamed wasn’t “packed”. It was 30% sold, so 70% of the seats were empty. Everybody could see that on Ticketmaster.

    1. A lot of people go to concerts and buy tickets there, it was more like 70% full. I was there. And the show was great, so I don’t see why it would have bad reviews.

  39. I reaaally reaally loved the Used to love you performance, so beautiful! <3 that's like the don't speak of her solo era.

    But I don't really now what to think about her performing ND songs.. when the guitar bridge of don't speak was coming up I suddenly realised that I didn't want to hear any other guitarist play it, and I was so relieved when it was Steve who got to play it! He's a part of the ND family, so it kinda makes sense that he is the one to play it. That was a exellent call by Gwen, and in my opinion shows that she gave this thing a good thought. <3

  40. People on twitter who were at the Boston concert said it was full and some said 75 percent, so I will go by who was actually there.
    The northeast can be elitist so not surprised at the Boston negative review. The LA Times was a good review. This was a weeknight too! Concert goers have changed and people in general are not wanting the hassle of the venue traffic leaving and also to spend the money. That said I think it is remarkable that she had the numbers she had.
    Perez makes up stuff and has zero credibility. If he doesn’t like someone he is relentless. For years he was awful to Jennifer Aniston spewing venom and lies and after years of this she confronted him and he backed down and stopped it.
    Maybe he has a thing against pretty blondes.
    The good news there was lots of very young fans there and if your are successful you better have that demo cause they go to concerts.

  41. The press and public love to build a star up only to tear them down again. Unfortunately, G’s story is ideal for that: tragedy turned to success and happiness that now needs to be torn back down again. Sad. They did the same to gaga and pretty much every single female artist. Don’t worry, Gwen is tough and can see through that shizz. So stoked for this tour! Glad she is snapchatting again too (Todd is hilarious).

    1. Yes you are right. I didn’t think of that but it’s true. She had a real tragic situation knock her down, and she elevated herself above it rather than play the victim. Along the way she expressed her journey thru music and unexpectedly found love and now the tour. Gwen the victim is the narrative people like better…how sad.
      Thanks DWDN for giving me perspective on this. Her snapchats are the best!

  42. The betrayal prolly cut both ways w Gwen and the boys. Gwen did go solo in the first place, but she did come back to work w ND again even after having great success on her own and maybe would be more popular now if she had churned out a 3rd solo album instead of p&s. And the boys waited and prolly felt left out all those years and LOTS of wasted time and potential, but then basically replaced her without keeping her in the loop, and then released that news just as she was dropping her album. Plus they didn’t seem particularly supportive when she’s been going thru a tough time (neither do a lot of so-called fans, sadly). So the relationships have got to be strained now and probably can only be improved in time when everyone’s more mellowed out and nostalgic — provided no one says anything he/she can’t take back and more lines aren’t crossed. I still hope the band/relationships can be mended in the future.

    My two cents on nd songs being performed is that nd songs are better w nd, of course, but absent the possibility of that would much rather hear Gwen do the songs and let new audiences experience songs live, and just have the music be shared. Didn’t even realize how much I felt this until I saw the songs… Not speaking as a new fan either, nd and later g songs have legit been the soundtrack to my life x20 years…

  43. The 30% tickets sold figure being touted by a certain poster on this site is both outdated as it was false to being with. Not naming names as I’m not posting this is incite conflict. Rather, I’ve nothing against that individual personally. I only take issue with the veracity of the statement in question. I’m a details oriented person, and I can tell you that Ticketmaster does NOT provide nearly enough detailed information on its pages to allow anyone, even Sherlock Holmes, to come up with anything other than schoolboy guesswork, if based solely on that site’s info. Now there is indeed sound methodology with which to estimate with reasonable accuracy the number of tickets sold per venue (which was actually 55-65% sold, 4 days before Boston), but that methodology does NOT involve Ticketmaster.

    Those interested in said methodology (probably not many of you, lol) may check this previous thread:


    In fact this very thread (scroll two-thirds down and read till the end) discusses almost all the attendance issues being rehashed here and it also anticipates just about everything in the Perez Hilton hit piece.

    The thing is, most of us here AGREE that these venues are too large for Gwen to fill. These are larger than the venues she had for her last solo tour (many of those were half the size of the present ones). No point speculating whose decision this was, or whether these were the only choices her tour sponsor Live Nation had available for her. Fact is, it is what it is, and it’s not likely she’ll be selling 20,000 tickets per venue, with the exception of NY and Los Angeles, and maybe Las Vegas at a pinch.

    So let’s all stop these pointless, ridiculous two-thirds FULL vs. one-third EMPTY arguments, and leave that to disingenuous clueless idiots like Perez Hilton. We really should be talking more in terms of actually numbers sold and bodies attending. Personally I feel 10,000 attendees is a VERY decent number and a whole lot of fans to entertain. At that rate, by tour end she would have connected with well in excess of quarter a MILLION fans! That is a tour well spent!

    My methodology estimated 11,000-14,000 tickets (55-65%) sold 4 days ahead of the Boston show with a possible 5% more sold before showtime. Ryan here was actually AT the show and estimated it was a good 70% full (see Ryan’s comment, above). The LA Times reviewer was also at the show and had it at a solid two-thirds full. So these numbers appear about right (there will of course be official numbers released for most venues sometime in the weeks or months ahead, so I don’t tout these numbers lightly).

    As for the NEXT show (07/16), as of one week ago, it was showing as only 7,000-8,000 tickets sold 🙁 BUT, checking tonight, it seems there was been an appreciable uptick in tickets sold with now an estimated 11,000-12,000 sold. So again, NOT full, but it does appear we’ll be seeing a decent number of bodies again as per the last show. They might not even need to move as many bodies down to reserved seating areas this time around, as there are only 2 tiers of reserved seats. Look up Live Nation (and zoom in on the map till you can see individual seats) – the first tier (nearest to the pit) is currently a good 90% sold and the 2nd tier is at a respectable 70-75%. That’s not too shabby in my book, especially considering there’s a second VA show the next day (that show had already moved 10,000-11,000 tickets as of a week ago).

    The irony here is that had 10,000-12,000 capacity venues been available, she most probably would have been booked into those (based on numbers from her last solo tour) and we honestly wouldn’t be having this conversation. The press would probably be marveling at how she’s still filling venues of 10,000 after such a long absence. Now a certain widely-discredited celebrity gossip blogger may selectively choose to ignore that fact that Gwen is actually on course to matching, even surpassing her numbers from her last tour. We as fans, on the other hand, should know and act better than that.

    Big thanks again to all of you who have spoken out in support of the tour. FFS folks, we’ve barely just begun! It’s been an imperfect start perhaps (e.g. technical issues, as per the Boston Globe review, which btw was not half as bad as I was expecting – it’s actually half a positive review, lol), but as they say, in a marathon it’s not so much how you start, but how you finish! So yeah, onward and upward from here! 🙂

    1. Alex, no disrespect dude, but whenever I read a comment from you I imagine a dapper gentleman wearing a monocle and perhaps a spiffy bow tie.
      Correct me if I’m wrong 😉

    2. I didn’t read your entire chain because I really don’t give a fuck. But I will say that Ticketmaster just settled a huge class action lawsuit that saw them give free ticket vouchers to every person who bought a ticket on Ticketmaster between 1999 in 2013. They literally gave away over 30 million dollars worth of tickets in 2 weeks.
      This happened about a month ago or so.

      Only certain tickets were available for certain shows. Gwens entire tour was one of them. The ticket vouchers were first come first served. So if you did not use the vouchers right away you possibly we’re never going to get to use them. So people freaked out and jumped on any show that was available.

      I spent a lot of time looking at the shows available, as I had the max amount of vouchers at 17 which equals to 34 free tickets. Gwens tour was one of the very last ones to be sold out of the general admission tickets in every city. She is quite blessed that they settled this class action lawsuit at this time, as it has been going on for years. If it happened at another time her tour very easily may have never happened.

  44. I see ND coming back together and touring in their 50s. With maybe one more album. Maybe. What I believe to be going on. Is Gwen was suppose to work with the guys again. But instead decided to do another solo album. Pissing them off. That’s why they turned around and did this thing with Davey. In turn this is why Gwen is doing ND songs at her solo shows. Which I think is extremely fucking disrespectful. I’m losing a lot of respect for her. She has become a joke. She was the next Debbie Harry. Now she is I don’t know anymore.

    1. Well being that Gwen Stefani called herself a stupid hoe on her first solo album maybe that’s what she is and has been since 2005? I’m not going to argue with Gwen if that’s how she feels. Maybe that is what the truth feels like?

  45. I think it’s interesting that most people on twitter are seeing this tour and just a solo for this year for her highly personal album and fully expect she will be back with the boys in the future ( as long as no further shade is thrown, lol). While people on this site don’t think so.
    Have you seen her schedule with so many back to back dates or only one day off to travel, it’s pretty grueling for anyone let alone someone with three kids, one practically a baby. The pressure of the success of a tour on only her shoulders would add stress too, so I get that she would want to have that weight lifted and shared in the future. She is keeping those ND songs alive and a lot of younger fans are finding those and calling the boys by name, interacting with them on twitter, they are vocal but I think there is respect there, they know the history and care what they think….so all of that is a good thing.
    Just saw her on Today Show say that performing at festivals last year with ND was of the best cause it was so intense. I may have the quote not exact.
    Gwen looke gorgeous with that white embroidered dress while bring interviewed.

    1. Thanks for that, Jill. Just got up an hour ago on the west coast, and it’s nice to read such a positive post first thing in the morning. The Today show is on now and they just announced she will appear in 30 minutes or so. While waiting, I was also watching parts of the Boston show again (the high quality HD clip of the whole show that was posted on YouTube) and the YT comments on the show are overwhelmingly positive, with quite a few people saying they were sort of on the fence about going to see her live, but after seeing the first show on YouTube, they are now excited to go get tickets! So that is a good thing. 🙂 There were one or two comments criticizing her for doing the ND songs, but that was a small minority. You mentioned the pressure of pulling off a successful tour, and I’m thinking of these huge (too huge) venues they put her in – maybe, just maybe, the simple reason she decided to include these songs is the hope they could help her put a few more bums in seats. That, and she did ask fans on Twitter what songs they wanted to hear on the tour, and many of them actually did request that she sing ND songs. So maybe she took that into account as well. Oh, cool, they just said she’ll be appearing in 20 minutes and will perform for 30 minutes – hooray! 🙂

      1. “just maybe, the simple reason she decided to include these songs is the hope they could help her put a few more bums in seats” – Maybe? It’s obvious she’s not doing out of love for ND or to keep the songs alive, or to please new ND fans. She has added ND songs to her setlists to gather attention and sell tickets. ND singles are bigger than her solo singles and her management is well aware of that and that people would LOVE to see her perform JAG or DS, since she was the “face” of the band.
        You keep talking about the venue choice being wrong. Do you think those choices are done randomly? There’s a whole MKT, PR and management team behind it and they take decisions based on projections and numbers (an actual work methodology), at the time the initial planning was being made, her album was projected to be #1 and she was everywhere, so it was the obvious choice, to pack arenas for the triumphal return of Gwen Stefani. Unfortunately the music industry changes with the speed of light and numbers changed, by then, money was invested on the tour and to back out, would make them loose more money.
        Since you like to analyze stuff, thought I might add my Project Management experience and background to the discussion.

        1. Yeah, I agree. I think it’s very naive to believe Gwen is sing these songs to keep ND alive or love for the band. It’s pretty obvious that the point was to sell tickets. The fact that Blake tweeted saying his favorite part of the show was when she sang Don’t Speak really confirmed that for me. I mean, she sang plenty of love songs about him and then he says his favorite part was Don’t Speak?? lol Really weird. It looked like he wanted to tell the world she was singing ND songs, so people could get more interested in the concerts and buy tickets.

          1. brubs – If you may recall, Blake actually sang “Don’t Speak” on The Voice. The fact that he chose to sing that may suggest that he actually does like that song – I mean who doesn’t, right? 🙂 Also, having sung the song and inhabited it, even that once, you would think that maybe he would have developed some sort of connection to it. Just saying! 🙂

        2. A lot of what you say makes sense and would be true of most tours, many of which I’m sure you’ll agree are planned a year or more ahead of time. In Gwen’s case, however, you may recall that her album had already debuted at #1 and she was still unsure if she would be able to tour even though she wanted to. It’s “maybe” that uncertainty with her situation at that already late stage, that delay in confirming a tour, that left her with limited or less than ideal choices of venues (you will note there are no Manhattan shows, for example). I’m using “maybe” again here because as others here have pointed out, all that we’re doing here with these discussions is speculating, because we’re not operating in Gwen’s direct orbit and so we don’t really know for sure the exact details of every life or business decision she makes or has to make. With all your project marketing experience, you must know that every project is unique and each one comes with different parameters that require different sets of solutions. None of us work for Gwen in a professional capacity, so we can analyze and we can speculate all we want (as is our right), but we cannot state with absolute certainty that it is this or that. So when you suggest: “Maybe? It’s obvious she’s not doing out of love for ND or to keep the songs alive, or to please new ND fans. She has added ND songs to her setlists to gather attention and sell tickets.” – I would “suggest” that “perhaps” those things aren’t mutually exclusive. She could “possibly” be doing it because it “may” help with ticket sales AND at the same time be doing it because fans have indeed requested to hear some of those song on the tour (you can check her tweet about that and the long list of responses from fans). It may not necessarily be an either/or situation is I guess what I’m trying to say.

          That said, this is a “challenging subject” (as Tom has recently written), so with all due respect to you and everyone else here, I wish to do a “Tom” here and would humbly request that you allow me to withdraw from any further discussion of the whole “solo Gwen singing ND” topic. I feel it’s a contentious topic and therefore perhaps an argument waiting to happen. Discussions I like, arguments not so much because those tend not to end well. So, on to another topic, Gwen just stepped into the Today Show studio a few minutes ago for a sit down interview and chat. The white blouse she is wearing is absolutely stunning! Great interview btw and great mini-concert (TSE, Misery, Hollaback Girl, and right now MMLY). Her vocals are simply flawless and amazing today! 🙂

          1. Alex, I remember that and I’m not saying he doesn’t like the song. As you said – who doesn’t? But if I were Blake and my girlfriend had written songs like “Rare”, “Truth” about me, I think I’d probably say the performance of these songs were my favorites. lol Especially when I’m right there watching in the first time she sings it.
            Anyway, just my crazy thoughts and impressions… What do I really know 😛

          2. Blake had already said Rare was his fav from her album, but he is not strategic so I think his fav from the concert really was Don’t Speak, for a couple of reasons first what you said Alex Charles he sang it on The Voice and I’m sure when he was getting interested in her he prolly looked at all the videos on You Tube and that was his fav and it was a thrill for him to see her do it live in concert.
            I don’t feel strongly one way or the other about what she sings ( as long as she does Cool– yay! )but in addition to the the reasons I already stated in another post I think she does the old ones cause it is expected by the public that you will do ones that they know the best and also they pump up the crowd the most.
            So in the last 72 hours she has been in 4 cities and done three concerts. Boston, Toronto, NYC and right after she performed on the Today Show they went to Nashville. That trip wasn’t scheduled Blake’s friend’s son drowned and a service this eve. Tomorrow nite a concert in Virginia.

  46. It would be one thing if she played ND songs and they were actually ND quality, but as I’ve said before – it feels like kareoke. Contrasted with Eve’s effortless, relaxed confidence- Gwen looked like she was trying so hard. It was opening night I’m positive there will be improvements. But for now I think fans have a right to be disappointed, and we shouldn’t argue about it. If u liked it cool, if u didn’t I feel you.

  47. Everything Cynthia said is 100% correct. But I’m seeing Gwen in a diffrent light now. I’m sorry but she’s coming across these days as a bitch. Hiding behind her “How did I get here” attitude. Something is so diffrent about her. Maybe after the divorce she was like fuck everything and everyone. I’m doing what I want for once in my life. If you watch the full Vegas show on YouTube. When she is signing EX-Girlfriend. I can’t remember which lyric it is but when she sings it. The camera flashes to Adrian and he is sticking his tongue. Out at her like haha you bitch. You got what you deserved. Watch and see for yourself. This is not Adrian’s normal stage antics. He’s clearly pissed off at her. And then when Gwen tells that girl to come up on stage who has a sign that says I’ve been waiting 20 years for a photo with ND. Gwen says does it have to be with the whole band? That rubbed me the wrong way. Yes she is the star and face of ND. But Gwen is NOT ND that’s the feeling I’m getting on this tour that she is rubbing it in the guys faces.

    1. I just watched Ex Girlfriend by No Doubt Rock in Rio 2014 and think it’s a rocking performance by the whole band but especially G’s vocal strength through the whole song. That part with the tongue is at a crescendo moment with all band members reactiing as musicians to the jam – that is totally typical Adrian behavior in my mind, I’ve watched a lot of shows live and on YouTube

      Thanks for inspiring me to look up that video. Peace

    2. Way harsh, for invented reasons.
      I just wonder what everyone thinks will be the future? So everyone is like they will never tour together, but Gwen sounds like a touring junkie– she loves it and even likes sleeping on tour buses she just said. So next year when she will not have an album to promote and everyone wants to go out there to do what they love–what will it will it be?
      She has the kids 50 percent less of the time now and forever so actually her touring situation has improved other than on the weeks they are with her.

    3. Well I agree with you that Gwen has changed a lot now she’s so “hollywood” right now and I’m kind of surprised that now she’s sooo into social networks like snapchat showing everything she’s doing even with her kids…she used to be more private about it, now it’s like she’s seeking attention….She’s a very talented artist but after her divorce I don’t know, but her attitude is somehow different…I also feel that she isn’t in good terms with the guys, like they don’t talk to each other and I think performing ND songs at this solo era is just to boost the selling tickets but for long-time fans (like me) it’s kind of strange….I watched Las Vegas show and for me Adrian did that because when she sang ex-girlfriend lyrics…”I hope I have a special with the rest of them…” he somehow knew she was divorcing…that’s what I think…

  48. Tonight’s periscope feed died during Rare because the caster forgot to bring along his back-up phone battery, lol (but thanks a bunch anyways, Mikey_Dee_Jay aka Damain, awesome job while it lasted!). Crowd looked about the same-ish as opening night, so decent numbers, probably 13,000 thereabouts, which btw was also the reported attendance for the Toronto #WPC 2016 Wednesday night show (expect similar numbers again for tomorrow @ Bristow). So not sold out, and yes, not full of course, so I’m sure Mr. Perez will find some footage of the back of the lawn to post on his site. 🙂 Thought I’d get that out of the way! That said, between SD and VB, she would have performed for an estimated 46,000 people (not counting the TODAY mini-concert) and we’re barely a week into the tour. By tomorrow, with a little luck, the overall tally might be in touching distance of 60,000. Opened with Red Flag again, but mercifully no tech difficulties this time around. Several songs in, she sang UIA (as she did in Toronto). Eve performed the duet and feature again, BUT she wasn’t the only guest… shortly after the periscope stream died, the word got out on Twitter that Blake joined her on stage, apparently. If true (haven’t seen any photos as yet), then I guess this will maybe divide opinion among fans? I’m sure Jenny will post confirmation soon. For now, I’ll be treating it as an unconfirmed rumor and I’ll be keeping my opinion on the matter to myself. 🙂

    1. Oh wow, they did it, LOL 🙂 The ending bit was cute with the “clingy” hug and then her little joyful skipping-running thing. Thanks, brubs!

  49. You’re welcome!
    Lol I know. She’s so cute! I’m not a fan of the song to be honest.. But I don’t mind they performed it. She seemed excited about it.. so let her be!

    1. Awww that was really cute! She seemed so happy to sing it with him and introduce him to her fans. I love the song. He left the stage pretty quickly and wants it to be all about her. Heard he got a warm welcome just as she did when she sang at his concert. Opposites can work– they both love music and performing so that’s a big thing to have in common.

    2. For those you who like the song, the duet in full is right at the top of this clip:


      First 30 seconds or so is blurry, but it gets decent the rest of the way through. Remember, these periscopes usually remain up for 24 hours or some such. Thanks to Lisa Ancarrow-Maltby for scoping parts of the show.

  50. I am late to this conversation because of my move. Nothing new to add to the conversation. I really don’t think it’s a good sign that Gwen is performing nxd songs on this tour. Especially given Tom’s tactful response on Twitter( which really meant he isn’t on board). I mean if all the band isn’t behind it, why do it? I guess that is my biggest problem with it. If everything was obviously all good between them and are had blessings from ALL the members, I would be like ok fair enough. However this is not the case. If Gwen felt that her and the band grew apart artistically, why do songs that reflect NxD style? I just have a lot of questions and to jack Gwen’s style.. I see many red flags for ND. I don’t think Gwen is as good with out the guys and I don’t know if they will want to take her back. Their is def some level of tension in the band and fans can’t see it they are blind by their love for the group/Gwen. #truth

  51. Well said @Marion. IMO ND is over, I’ll go back to listening to a real artist now. Florence and the machine. This is the “Don’t Speak” video playing itself out in real life. Art imitates life. This is what ND feared at the begining as a band. This is what almost broke them up Gwen getting singled out. Well now she is really singled out. The rest of you can try and stay as positive as you want. And Jill sorry to say I’m always harsh. I know I come across as an asshole. And that’s ok because I am.

  52. What’s the point of saying “ND is over”, “I don’t like Gwen”, “Ohh, ND is over, over, ov…” ST*U please, lol. Some persons here are so annoying, omg… If you think ND is over, then leave this site. If ND is over. what are you doing here? Go cry to your mamma please and leave this fan site you crybabies. You try to make yourself look very rude and smart but you’re the most scared fans ever. I’m a fan since the 90s and I find all this performances really interesting and nice (despite the lack of heart and soul in DS and JAG). Plus, as I said before, I think Tom is just an attention seeker now, I have no doubt about it and It’s a little bit disappointing.

    1. No offense but maybe it’s time you see a psychiatrist. You’ve clearly been brainwashed. I’m sorry you are so delusional maybe there are pills that can help you? Please seek help.

  53. Last nite set list was same as Boston only she did the Blake duet instead of Danger Zone.
    I thought the background videos and staging looked bigger and better than I thought. I think it was on Rare video of calm sea and crashing waves was really good and the snow capped mountains in another.
    Her green outfit looked better too since the lights last night showed it more sparkly.

    1. Jill and Jenny – They did do UIA last night though (as they did in Toronto, and again tonight @ Bristow):


      That’s a clip of just UIA from Virginia Beach last night. Not sure how much longer the periscope will be up though since it’s from last night.

      The set list for both Virginia Beach and Bristow should be something like this:

      Red Flag / Wind It Up / Baby Don’t Lie / Obsessed / Where Would I Be? / Cool / Make Me Like You / Underneath It All // Misery / Luxurious / Harajuku Girls / Let Me Blow Ya Mind (feat. Eve) / Rich Girl (feat. Eve) / Hella Good // What You Waiting For / Rare / Go On and Break My Heart / It’s My Life / Asking 4 It / Don’t Speak / Naughty / Used To Love You / Hollaback Girl // Truth / Just a Girl / The Sweet Escape

      If correct, then that’s 26 songs vs 25 for the opener. 🙂

  54. I walked away from my phone and my kid sent the above message, before I could finish it. I can’t say I firmly believe the band is over. I just think it’s realistic to say they might be over for good. Life change, people change, life goes on. Keeping some hope that they have not all moved on for good and find their way back together

  55. Your having a very hard time facing reality. Get a fucking grip. I’m also a fan sense the 90s BATCAVER. Your in serious denial. I know we all as fans don’t want to let go of ND. But they are dead. To many lines have been crossed now. Fuck ND isn’t even managed as a band anymore! And I’m happy to leave actually. Gwen Stefani from ska punk princess to dumpster fire…

    1. “Hello, I’m Electronica, Gwen’s new album hasn’t been released yet but I just listened to it and it sounds like Return Of Saturn 2.0!!!” … lol.

      Ok, I usually don’t reply dumb comments from dumb persons but I see you’re too desperate for attention so here I go:

      I don’t care if some ppl think ND is over or not. I actually think P&S was the last album imo. But I also think someday in the future they’ll reunite to make another record, go on a mini tour and make some money. But who knows? On the other hand, I have a problem with annoying and fake people like you. I’m sorry. in real life I simply ignore people like you but you’re spreading lots of childish and nonsensical comments here (not only you actually) and that’s very annoying for everyone. It’s ok to post your opinions but please grow up a little bit and yeah, go cry to your mamma. I’m also happy you’re leaving now. Now we’re both happy, thank u!

      One more thing, I’m really curious to know what do you expect from people to tell u here… I mean, You say all the time “omg, ND is over!” over and over and over… Like.. we get it, ND is over for you, so? lol.

  56. Somebody just asked Tom on instagram if ND were over and he replied “I don’t think so, I hope not. I <3 ND."

    1. Yes!
      He also said “anyway, thanks all for the kind words. I have hope, everything in time…”


  57. Rebecka and brubs – Thanks for that bit of hopeful news. Made my day. If Tom is hopeful, then we should be too! 🙂

    Btw, if anyone is interested, this is the periscope for tonight’s show in New Jersey/Philly:


    It’s being shot from way back in the lawn, but there’s a big video screen there, so it’s quite a decent scope. Currently at the second costume change beginning with Misery / Luxurious / Harajuku Girls / LMBYM…


  58. GWEN you are the best singer of the world !!!!!

    please, continue on the same path, don’t stop…


        1. One of her twitter weirdos had a link and it had the August thru October schedule and there it was Mexico City and another city and the dates. No site has any new cities and dates listed so guess it wasn’t legit.

          1. Yeah, I saw that on Twitter, too. It looked like a screenshot of something from Wikipedia. It was never announced so I don’t think it’s legit.

  59. Went to Jones Beach show last night…I know others on this forum did too. Curious ….What did you think?

    Personally, I thought it was INCREDIBLE! Crowd was loving every minute , her voice sounded awesome, she , the band and dancers had such great energy on stage, her love for her fans easily came through, Eve and her were having a blast, Stephen Bradley and Gwen on Asking4 it was so fun and fabulous! … and the stage had the backdrop of the water and a bright Orange Moon(!) . (Always a Beautiful venue to see a concert at ) . As for the ND songs , they added so much by taking us on her life journey with all those songs included . If It wasn’t for the topic of her current album , I would think ND songs would’ve been out of place..but somehow, I think it wouldn’t have felt right without them . Without question, it certainly brought the crowd together with old and new songs and listening to people around us, they were saying things like “I loved that song when I was growing up , ” I didn’t know she/ND sang that one ” or the most common one ” I thought that Pink Sang that song. I know some are not comfortable with her singing those ND songs, but maybe a good result to all of us is that she claimed those songs back for her and ND , since seemed like a handful didn’t know they belonged to them just in my section alone . Also, I loved that there was a nice representation of every generation, but especially loved seeing the moms and daughters there together and they were dancing right along to every song with their parents ..it was adorable! …clearly her tour is reintroducing those new and old GS and ND songs to a whole new generation. My friend downloaded a whole bunch of her new and old and ND songs after the concert after realizing she was listening to them her whole life but only realized that last night who it was ..she originally only came because she knew Gwen from the Voice and loves the scenery at Jones Beach concerts ….I am sure she is not the only one that became a new fan after the concert . Great concert. Highly recommend if on the fence on going to one . Ps. Definitely, an upbeat concert crowd…friendly, happy , no rude , drunken or rowdy people ..just all enjoying the night and lots of smiles and dancing. I think the personality of a crowd is very in line with the personality of the entertainer. Enjoy!

    1. Great review, I agree. Jones Beach was a great show & there were lots of old school NxD shirts in the pit as well as some cute Gwenabees. All kinds of ages and everyone singing every word of every song. She looked and sounded so happy & I’m really glad for her.

      1. Pam, really enjoyed your comments! What a perfect synopsis of the nite ( your young “Gwenabee” comment was Cute! and also loved how everyone was singing every word)… and also liked hearing yours and Cdash bc wondered how others specifically from this forum thought it was and also if many others on this site are from NY area. Glad you had just as much fun! Good times . Sounds much better in person, but I guess a lot of the concert recordings that are popping up online from her tour are from cell phones , so that takes away from sound quality a bit? Definitely left me wishing she was at Jones Beach for just one more show .Lol! For those who are going to see her on this tour in the near future , enjoy! I am now envious of you. Lol!

        1. Thanks for your reviews Keep Positive and Pam! I have been reading a lot of reviews and everyone seems to be saying similar things. What a great venue it sounds like, the ocean, the moon and the brightest star Gwen!

  60. Hey enjoyed the my show..it was great! I was hoping someone could help me. Does anyone know if I can buy the merchant from this tour online? I got 1 shirt but didn’t have enough for another one…please let me no?! Thanks guys.

    1. Go to her official website http://www.gwenstefani.com — they should be there. After the concert tour is over they many times they sell what’s left at a cheaper price on the artists website.
      Waiting for the Blond Rebel to be put on a t shirt for the tour if anyone from Gwen’s team scans here please do it!

  61. Have a merchandise question for those lucky enough to have been to a show already, e.g. Ryan Baker, Pam, Keeppositive, Cdash, etc. – Besides t-shirts, posters and hats, are they also selling her CDs and No Doubt’s, or other music related items like past tour DVDs, etc.? I know it’s the digital download age and all, but a physical CD (or Vinyl) is still a nice keepsake to take away from a show (besides the deluxe edition still isn’t available for download, yes?). I know some other acts (e.g. Coldplay, The Cure) do still sell CDs at shows, so was wondering if Interscope is missing an opportunity here to move more units of the new album, as well as classics from the No Doubt catalog as I imagine some of the newer, younger fans might be open to buying those, particularly after hearing the ND songs live…

  62. Agree Alex Charles people tend to impulse buy at concerts so they should sell that stuff if they aren’t.
    What is that Anaheim hoodie sweathshirt that she is wearing about, it says: Anaheim Hillbillies— what does that mean? Are they selling that there?
    A guy had on a tshirt that said : Sorry Blake I’m Seeing Gwen Tonight — on the back of his t shirt and he said he bought it at the Jones Beach concert but it didn’t sound like it was in the regular Gwen merchandise area.

    They are saying she has added Me Without You and dropped Send Me A Picture on tonites set.

    1. I’m assuming “Anaheim Hillbillies” is a self-deprecating humorous reference (i.e. “Beverly Hillbillies”) to her hometown? Apparently there’s already a top of that on sale with the hoodie to be added later. The guy with that hilarious t-shirt, I’m guessing he bought that from one of the enterprising vendors peddling outside the venue. In my town, you’ll find them at every street corner, beginning blocks away from the venue. Gwen needs to make a Blond Rebel top happen ASAP, before the street vendors do!

      Yeah, just saw a short leaked clip of her sound-checking Me Without You – excited for that, as it’s one of my faves on the album. I think it’s one of those tracks that is anthem-like, so should be great live (sounded great in the leaked clip)! SMAP sounded amazing in San Diego, so was surprised she dropped it from the set-list. Glad if she brings it back. This heat dome thing is going to make these venues super hot and humid over the next few days, so weather-wise the breezy-summery tracks like SMAP would be just perfect!

      1. Oh thanks, I see like Beverly Hillbillies. For sure she should have done the Southern states closer to Fall, it is like living in a bowl of soup right now.

      2. I saw her soundcheck “Me Without You,” too! So jealous!

        I caught her at the Philadelphia/Camden show and while it was great, it was nothing “special” (in terms of getting a surprise song in the setlist).

        I didn’t see any Anaheim Hillbillies shirts/sweatshirts on sale at the show, but I didn’t check out the merch too much.

        1. Someone asked her today on twitter if the sweatshirt was going to be part of the merchandise and she said yes.

  63. I don’t look at the merch because I have spent so much on LAMB over the years. So I don’t know if there were CDs on sale. That would be smart.

  64. Finally saw the Mass show( yay for having internet after 10days without). Gwen was so happy, which was great to see. I think some of the vocals on the new songs needed polishing. Pretty sure as the tour goes on she will get better. Would love to see her throw Harajuku Girls out of the show and replace it with Wonderful life or Me Without You. I liked most of her costumes, they were true to get roots. The Blonde Rebel corset she wears, reminds me a lot of the Vivienne Westwood Spiderwebs top. I think there wasn’t enough of a budget to do a lot of theatrics like on her previous tours, so she has defaulted to what is tried and true for her. Overall a good great show!

  65. A lot on twitter are saying what a fab show, vocals, outfits, dancers, background, and her performance and the way she connects to her audience. Can’t count how many say it is the best concert they have ever seen and a lot were marginal fans who are totally in now.
    Can I just say how much better her makeup looks on tour now that she chose to not bring along her makep artist and do it herself?. She said she likes to do it on tour cause it is like putting on “War Paint.”
    I still cringe every time I see that weird makep for that duet — too silvery, and I just read an article about the trend with too much highlighter and strobing casts a strange silver pasty look. A lot of makep artists are doing it for stage and that needs to go. Sadly Gwen’s was the worst example I have ever seen and to think it was at a major award show.

      1. She took Danilo on the he first part of the tour, I saw him on her snapchats but for her day hair—braids –I saw someone else doing those.

  66. On the arena size discussion. I found out the one I’m going to on Sunday the venue seats 6,000 but 18,000 grass seats. Everyone is saying about the various venues not selling out, but I can’t think of anyone who could sell 18,000 grass seats.
    It does explain why I had a hard time getting seats even tho I was master card pre-sell and my seats aren’t that good.
    She wanted to do outdoor venues I’m sure it is summer and more of a party atmosphere and that happens to be the size they are in major cities. Otherwise the outdoor venues drop down to 2- 3,000 seats, which would be too small.

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