‘Truth’ Tour Coverage: Live in San Diego for MLB All-Star Weekend (Updated)

Photo courtesy of MLB
Photo courtesy of MLB

Tonight in San Diego, Gwen teased her This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour with a special free show presented by Pepsi Music Series for MLB All-Star Weekend.

We understand that some fans may want to be surprised when it comes to the tour, but we will be sharing photos, videos, set lists and moments from the shows throughout the summer. The rest of the post (including comments) would be considered spoilers so be cautious!


Though the tour doesn’t officially start until Tuesday in Mansfield, the show served as a warm-up and lucky fans were treated to the first live versions of new songs including “Red Flag”, “Obsessed”, “Where Would I Be?”, “Send Me A Picture”, “Asking 4 It” and “Naughty”. Fans were also able to get a sneak peek at the tour’s visuals including screen footage of Gwen directed by Sophie Muller. The stage itself seemed to be kept at a minimum and there were no costume changes during the set (Gwen may be keeping the surprises for the tour itself.)

We’ll try to keep our first impressions until higher quality footage becomes available to ourselves but the new songs sound impressive and well rehearsed. We’re pleasantly surprised that Gwen opened the show with “Red Flag” and it really seemed to set the whole show up. She performed the majority of her new album with only a couple of obvious songs missing (i.e. “Truth”, “Rare”) which we hope make it into later sets. “Obsessed” is literal fire and came off as a huge rock song that was unexpected and amazing. Another standout was “Send Me A Picture”, which you could tell Gwen was having a lot of fun while performing and featured stunning visuals reminiscent of Truth‘s album artwork. We were also impressed with Steve taking on Fetty Wap’s rap during “Asking 4 It”.

Both Eve and Gwen kept their sets separate and didn’t join one another onstage for either “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” or “Rich Girl” (which we hope changes at some point on the tour).

Set list

MLB All-Star Concert Series
7/9/2016 — San Diego, California — Embarcadero Marina Park South
Red Flag / Wind It Up / Baby Don’t Lie / Obsessed / Where Would I Be? / Cool / Danger Zone / Send Me A Picture / Make Me Like You / Misery / Luxurious / Rich Girl / What You Waiting For? / Asking 4 It / Naughty / Used To Love You / Hollaback Girl / The Sweet Escape


Pre-show interview with Gwen + professional live footage of “Misery”

“Let Me Blow Ya Mind” (performed by Eve without Gwen)

“Red Flag”

“Red Flag/Wind It Up”

“Baby Don’t Lie”


“Where Would I Be?”


“Danger Zone”

“Send Me A Picture”

“Make Me Like You”


“Rich Girl”

“What You Waiting For?”

“Asking 4 It”


“Used To Love You”

“Hollaback Girl”

“The Sweet Escape”


Here’s a sneak peek at some of the merchandise that we’re assuming will be available on the tour.

23 Replies to “‘Truth’ Tour Coverage: Live in San Diego for MLB All-Star Weekend (Updated)”

  1. I loved hearing all the new songs and was pleasantly surprised with how good asking 4 it live is! I feel a little sad when I hear it though because it should have been a single. I loved obsessed live with the rock edge was great. I was only disappointed with where would I be as it didn’t live up to my expectations and I wasn’t a fan of how gwen sang the chorus in a low key. But overall it was great and I can’t wait for the tour and hope she adds truth and rare and early winter, 4 in the morning and wonderful life then it will be the perfect setlist.

    1. Yeah, the lower tone on the chorus of “Where Would I Be?” sounded a bit off for me but the harmonizing was solid. This just makes me more hyped for the tour!

    2. It’s important to remember the sound of a concert is not accurately transmitted through a cell phone. There is a reason there are many different speakers (located all over and directionally positioned) to push out sound at a live venue. The cell phone is going to pickup what audio is closest and filter out what it thinks is white/background noise. This would explain why Gwen sounds like she may be in a lower key (compared to the music) on a cell phone video/streaming but she sounds perfect live. The next time you go to a concert record a couple of songs and play it back later. You will recognize it sounds completely different.

  2. Here’s the front-end of the show (thanks to Staci Noel!):


    This one is RED FLAG to SMAP (8 Songs).

    The earlier link (the Damian Lang one) covers DANGER ZONE to ASKING 4 IT (also 8 songs).

    Red Flag packs as much of a punch live and as an opener to the show as I hoped it would! Great opening visuals by Sophie! Similarly great visuals for Obsessed, very zany and fun, and the song sounds great live too!

    Not sure how long these periscopes will remain up, so enjoy them while you can! 🙂

  3. $40 for a tee shirt. Wow.
    $995 meet and greats.
    Same visuals as the NYC show.
    No costume changes?

    Yikes. Sounds like a cash grab.

    Sorry guys trying to remain positive but TSE and LAMB tour were so legit and this looks boring. The point of them playing together is that they have history and SONGS TOGETHER.

    Ok I’ll stop sorry. Grumpy girl had to wake up at 5am for inventory.

    1. Sara, this was a free show and not one of the concerts of her upcoming tour. Eve wasn’t even there, so no suprise that they didn’t do RG or LMBYM.

      Gwen already said that she will have many costume changes on the actual tour.

      1. Oh I just realized that Eve was actually there. I guess they didn’t have enough time to rehearse RG or LMBYM or maybe they are saving it for the actual tour.

    2. This was the All Star Event and not Gwen’s official concert tour. This wasn’t her stage and it was limited on where the artists could move. The artist have very limited time and it is very difficult to pull off duets during these festivals. Remember what you complain about … most concerts today are much more costly and harder to get tickets. Gwen is touring for a couple of months only and may not tour again. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an icon when you had the chance to see her live. I know I missed out on a lot of concerts… and I definitely regret it. I have been to so many concerts I’ve lost count… to include No Doubt 3 times and Gwen solo twice … she is by far the most exciting performer I have seen live. The crowds that have seen her – to include festivals – absolutely adore her energy. Just remember … this is a chance of a lifetime and it’s a very small window of time to catch her.

    3. That is pretty much standard for T shirts and meet and greets.
      Is there a tank, cause they are usually cheaper and Gwen wears them a lot?

  4. I can’t wait for the official tour! This is more like a normal festival show. I hope she performs Serious.

  5. She must include Early Winter, Rare, and Truth and the setlist will be perfect! I’ll be disappointed if those songs do not make it for the actual tour. 🙁

  6. I can’t imagine her not doing Truth since it’s the title song and she said she loved Rare so I bet that one will make the tour setlist too. This is probably just a shortened version of the actual show. I’m impressed with how many new songs she did though! I did not expect Red Flag to be the opener! I can’t wait for better quality fan videos to come out of this!

    I’m sure 4ITM or EW will make the setlist. Maybe not both songs, but at least one of them. I think it would be awesome if Eve and Gwen did RG and LMBLY as part of the encore!

  7. I thought the opening song was going to be Truth since the title of the tour has that same word and last tours opened like that: TSE with TSE, Harajuku Lovers with Harajuku Girls as the opener. Caught my attention that she started with Red Flag, didn’t see that coming jeje

  8. I don’t like the order of the songs.. Too long of a build up to hear some energy.. I feel like people will be sitting and watching mostly

  9. Blake was seen Boston– will there be a duet tomorrow night? I’m thinking Go Ahead and Brake My Heart may be added.

    1. Hope not! Its her tour opening, should be all about her. It’s time for Gwen to shine and put the “shefani” to rest. She is great live and does not need Blake or this weird following to back her up.

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