‘Truth’ Tour Coverage: Live in Los Angeles, California (Night 1)

Photo courtesy of The Forum
Photo courtesy of The Forum

Gwen kicked off the first of two sold-out shows in Los Angeles last night at The Forum (October 15). Many fans around the world made the journey to Southern California (including many celebrity friends!) to see Gwen put on what seemed like one of the best shows of the tour. The show included another welcomed duet with Blake Shelton on “Go Ahead and Break My Heart.” There were not any other significant changes to the set but Gwen came off as extremely excited to be back home.

Prior to the show, The Forum sent up a bulletin board for fans to write down and share their “truths” with Gwen. This would have been awesome to have had on the whole tour!

Gabrial McNair also made a special appearance onstage for both “Hollaback Girl” and “The Sweet Escape”. He had been notably absent on this time round with Gwen due to him touring with Tegan and Sara this past summer.

Fan Nicole (whom flew out all the way from Australia!) was gracious enough to capture the entire show from the front row and shared it online for everyone to enjoy — check it out!

10/15/2016 — Inglewood, California — The Forum
Red Flag / Wind It Up / Baby Don’t Lie / Obsessed / Where Would I Be? / Cool / Make Me Like You / Underneath It All / Misery / Luxurious / Harajuku Girls / Let Me Blow Ya Mind (with Eve) / Rich Girl (feat. Eve) / Hella Good / What You Waiting For? / Rare / Go Ahead and Break My Heart (with Blake Shelton) / It’s My Life / Asking 4 It / Don’t Speak / Naughty / Used To Love You / Hollaback Girl // Truth / Just a Girl / The Sweet Escape

“Red Flag”

“Wind It Up”

“Baby Don’t Lie”


“Where Would I Be?”


“Make Me Like You”

“Underneath It All”



“Harajuku Girls”

“Let Me Blow Ya Mind” (with Eve)

“Rich Girl” (featuring Eve)

“Hella Good”

“What You Waiting For?”


“Go Ahead and Break My Heart” (with Blake Shelton)

“It’s My Life”

“Asking 4 It”

“Don’t Speak”


“Used To Love You”

“Hollaback Girl”


“Just a Girl”

“The Sweet Escape”

8 Replies to “‘Truth’ Tour Coverage: Live in Los Angeles, California (Night 1)”

  1. Naughty… I take it she’s mad about the Gavin interview haha

    Disappointing that the set list didn’t change… I guess I’ll never get to hear MWY or YMF 🙁

    1. I know — I was pulling for “You’re My Favorite” (considering it’s one of my favorites!) I could see “Me Without You” being little touchy on subject manner which maybe she didn’t want to perform every night and maybe “You’re My Favorite” didn’t translate well live… bummer!

  2. I love “Where Would I Be” and “Rare” a lot, but they both do not sound fantastic live. “Send Me A Picture” live was fantastic, and most of the rest of TIWTTFL are great live besides “Truth” maybe. She tends to get out of breath, and on “Where Would I Be” , she sings an octave lower than on the official audio. Weird. I absolutely love Gwen, but her live performances always sound like she’s completely out of breath.

    1. At my concert, I felt like the tempo of all the songs was much faster that than they usually are. I kept that feeling thruout– even on Cool.
      So maybe that’s why you thought she was a little out of breath.

  3. The concert was amazing!! But I was a little disappointed that the VIP Hot Seat Package didn’t come with the exclusive journal. I got everything else (the Team Gwen tote, comemorative ticket, and poster), but paying $325 felt like I got ripped off. Also, the merch stand didn’t have the Gwen photoshoot sweater available. That was the main thing that I wanted!! Everything else was awesome though!

    1. I’m drawing a blank on which one that is, is it a white t shirt with photo strips?
      I got the black tank and it gets a lot of attention when I wear it.

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