‘Truth’ Tour Coverage: Live in Camden, New Jersey

With Gwen already over a week into the tour, videos from the shows have been popping up everyone online including her whole set live from Camden, New Jersey back on July 19. YouTuber Qu4ttro Tube has shared the entire show in fabulous HD which features Gwen’s new addition of “Underneath It All” into the earlier part of the set which she’s been performing regularly.

7/19/2016 — Camden, New Jersey — BB&T Pavilion
Red Flag / Wind It Up / Baby Don’t Lie / Obsessed / Where Would I Be? / Cool / Make Me Like You / Underneath It All / Misery / Luxurious / Harajuku Girls / Let Me Blow Ya Mind (with Eve) / Rich Girl (feat. Eve) / Hella Good / What You Waiting For? / Rare / It’s My Life / Asking 4 It / Don’t Speak / Naughty / Used To Love You / Hollaback Girl // Truth / Just a Girl / The Sweet Escape

He put together all of his videos into a nice playlist for everyone to enjoy in order. Thanks as well go to Jason Franda for sharing a few of his photos from the show with us, too.

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  1. hope someone does the same thing for the aug 6th show in chicago cause i dont think im going… 🙁

  2. So I haven’t watched any of the videos from her tour until today. I don’t think Red Flag is a good opener given how disjointed the song is. Obsessed is awesome. I don’t understand why it was only a bonus track and why it wasn’t a single!! I recall some fans saying WWIB was disappointing live…and they are right. Gwen sounds awful in the chorus, which is too bad because she sounds great throughout the rest of the concert. She should let the backing track do the work on that one. I’m not going to dwell on the ND songs, but her band doesn’t do them justice. Harajuku Girls should be dropped in favor of 4ITM or Early Winter. I don’t understand why Rich Girl isn’t before LMBYM since Eve doesn’t have much to do until the end? LOL I’m not a huge fan of Rare or Truth, but they sound good live. Rare should be a single. I really want to hear Splash, Loveable, Getting Warmer and You’re My Favorite and I think A4I should be rotated out in favor of one of them.

    1. Would love to see Harajuku Girls dropped for 4 in the Morning or Early Winter and Asking 4 It swapped out for Getting Warmer.

      1. I would drop truth for getting warmer!! And harujuku girls should be dropped off the edge of the planet!! Early winter I miss you!!!

    2. I think she’s avoiding doing her sadder songs other than Used to Love You and Don’t Speak, but I think Getting Warmer and You’re My Favorite could be added at some point. And yeah, when I saw her I think she did rely on the back-up singers and backing track for the chorus because I could barely hear her. I know a lot of people want that as a single, but I don’t think she’d do a great job with promo performances for that one.

  3. Was there. Got to meet her again. Super in love.

    Although disappointed with some of the song selections, she still put on a damn good show.

      1. Um you get enough time. I blanked out and focused on whispering to her that the person behind me (mom) was celebrating her birthday.

        Which she took time out to chat with my mom and whatnot.

        And Eve’s set was on fire. Loved everything she did.

  4. I actually agree with Ryan that WWIB, while a great song, doesn’t necessarily sound amazing live and wouldn’t really shine in promo performances. I don’t think at this point another single is necessary. I don’t think any of the remaining songs would fair too well on the charts and the tour already has had lots of great promo. Had misery performed better, maybe another release woulda made sense but at this point I don’t think she has much momentum on the radio/charts.

  5. Does anyone know how long Eve’s set is? I am seeing the tour tomorrow and it’s hot here in Tampa. I want to miss Eve all together. Trying to figure out when I should arrive.

    1. I missed the majority of Eve’s set too because we got there late. in Camden, Gwen went on right before 8:30. Eve was probably done at 8 or shortly thereafter.

  6. WWIB might work if she had a good backing vocalist who could hit that note or if she let the backing track do that part like she does for the chorus on Rare. Usually performances get better with practice so if they tinkered with it a bit, it might still work as a 4th single. Although, if there is a 4th single, I feel like the signs are pointing to Red Flag (see what I did there :P).

  7. It just baffles me how she’s not performing send me a picture for the tour and it’s one of her catchier tracks

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