‘Truth’ Tour Coverage: Gwen Performs with Blake Shelton on “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” (Updated)


Blake joined Gwen again onstage in Bristow, Virginia for “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” and fans in the audience could be heard chanting “Blake!” before he hit the stage.


During last night’s show in Virginia Beach, Gwen welcomed Blake Shelton onstage during the second part of her set for a duet of “Go Ahead and Break My Heart”. The pair sounded lovely together and Gwen’s band delivered a solid version of the track.

Gwen performed a similar set to her opening show in Mansfield except replacing “Danger Zone” with “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” and adding No Doubt’s “Underneath It All”.

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    1. Why not? 🙂 Didn’t she co-write the song? And isn’t he sort of tagging along for the tour anyway? Might as well give him something to perform since he is a musician anyways, rather than just have him lurking backstage as the resident groupie? LOL. Not like a certain (arguably) sizable segment of the crowd isn’t into the song, as is quite evident here (a 38 min. clip from tonight’s Bristow, VA show, which by the looks of it was one hell of a show – go to minute 27:00 if you want to start with Rare leading into GOABMH, or go straight to 32:00, and note the comments and crowd anticipation/response, then decide for yourself if playing this song is any good for the tour):


      By the way, the song is not remotely in my wheelhouse. Not my fave I have to say, but I don’t dislike it either. Melodically, I can see the appeal. I’m just trying to see past the “me, myself and I” mindset, and think in terms of how she’s going to cater to and entertain all these different groups and types of fans who make up these large crowds of 10,000-15,000.

  1. I don’t care about this song tbh… But I think it’s normal they’re performing it since Blake is there all the time… Plus it’s in the context of Gwen’s life right now. She seems excited to perform the song.. better do it now – you only live once as they say – looks like they’re having a good time…and the shefani girls at the concerts gonna love it lol good for them!

  2. I had kind of hoped they’d do that at the opening show I was at! I like the song tbh. I guess I’ll take solace in having Danger Zone. Love that she’s doing Underneath It All! I feel like that’s the one No Doubt hit that fits in the best with Gwen’s solo material.

  3. I didn’t even know he was on tour with her. No wonder she is doing such a played down version of herself this tour.

    1. I’m curious to know how she is different this tour so far when Blake’s been with her, as opposed to other times? Not being confrontational I would really like to know.
      Heard her say on radio interviews this morning that he left. I think he has Voice duties in LA this week and his own concert this weekend. Her kids are flying in today and she was heading to the toy store to get toys.

  4. I was at the show in Bristow and the crowd was chanting “Blake!” before he came on stage to perform. Gwen even said jokingly to the crowd, “what are you guys doing?!” lol The song is just okay imo but getting to see them perform together was such a treat. My voice was gone long before the end of the show. We drove over 4 hrs to see her and it was so worth it – amazing performance and the vibe in the crowd was so positive and energetic.

  5. I’m really happy that she brought her love on tour, I know it means a lot to her. The song is great, we should all be appreciative that she does this for us all #truth

  6. i actually kinda of like this song,, even though i am not much of a country fan at all, i think the funny thing would be if blake was in one of gwens pop songs lol. honestly i am just so happy that she is doing well with everything because she still even at my age of 27 years old means so much to me. as for blake he seems like a good guy who seems to like the simple life, which in alot of ways is probobly the best kind of guy that gwen could ask for.

    1. Agree and so hope they sing the duet at my concert! Doubt if I’m that lucky. It’s not very country cause I only like some country songs but love this one.

  7. Blake Shelton defending Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric as “speaking his mind” and saying his supporters get beat up. . . Blake is garbage. Please find someone else, Gwen.

    1. He said he wishes there were other choices — as in candidates to vote for–just like half of the country is thinking. You must have missed that part.

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