Top Star Transformations

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Gwen Stefani isn’t ashamed to admit that she enjoys being a girl. “I know I’m vain,” she has said. “I have so much makeup—I’m not kidding.” Her bold ’40s-style lips are so iconic that she skips the lippy when she doesn’t want to be recognized. But with a career that includes fronting the pop-ska band No Doubt, penning a pair of solo albums, designing L.A.M.B. (her flourishing clothing and accessories line), scoring a role in a Scorsese flick and—whew!—launching her very own perfume, L by L.A.M.B., it’s safe to say that the days of anonymity are far behind her. Now with her second album, The Sweet Escape, on the shelves and son Kingston in her arms, Gwen’s got new projects in mind: “One solo record, two solo records. One baby, two babies. I always want more of everything!”

1996: “I love to mix the ‘homegirl’ look with Hollywood glamour,” the So-Cal native has said of her signature style. And as for her ever-changing locks: “I haven’t seen my real hair color since ninth grade!”

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